Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 19 - your bags and bank

It will surprise no one that my bags are a jumble of useless items, bits of meat, outdated gear and quest items.

In a word they are a mess.

I use the Bagnon addon to help keep all the bags in one frame.  It has a nice search function and you're able to view other character's bags.  Look at all that precious bag space!  My druid and his three sets of gear is drooling.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 18 - Your Favourite Outfit

As much as I like to put Pacheco in dresses, I don't collect outfits for RP purposes...okay, maybe some mild RP on my own while I ride around Ogrimmar giggling to myself.  My favourite outfit is generally the one I'm wearing and have spent the most time on.

For a look at a blogger that does take the time to put together nice outfits, you should check out The WoW Debutante.  She's even created a Lady Gaga-esque guild mascot!

I thought this outfit was awesome on my husband's paladin.

I zoned into Trial of the Grand Crusader and that was what his toon looked like.  I yelled, You can't tank in that! and laughed but really, his regular gear does precious little more to cover up her lady bits.  A ready check came and we initiated the fight, YOUR NAKED!!!!!!  I shouted to the next room panicked that we were going to die quickly.

....and that's when I learned about the naked bug. 

ugh, save yourself some trouble and don't Google Warcraft Naked Bug....