Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 17 - Favourite Spot In Game

We're on vacation this week, so what better way than to finish up the 20 Days of WoW challenge!  

I don't know what it is about Nagrand that I love so much.  Most likely it's the welcome sun and green rolling hills after questing in Terrokar Forest.  The floating waterfalls, the peaceful animals.  I felt bad when I was grinding Thick Clefthoof leather for my Druid's tanking set.  Luckily skinning always feels a bit like cleaning up my messes or covering my sins of the slaughter.

Nagrand is where I brought Thrall home to his people and where the Horde began. I always feel peaceful when I fly there and the site of Garadar always gives me a warm, welcoming feeling, like I'm coming home.

I also like to fly around Grizzly Hills sometimes and listen to the music - it's really lovely.

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Friday, April 29, 2011


I wasn't sure if it was wedding or trip jitters that woke me early but here. Here I am watching the Royal Wedding coverage when I should be packing. No wait. When I should be sleeping.

Ah well, I love a wedding and since we'll be seeing this coverage for the rest of our lives why not watch it live?

In 24 hours we'll be bleary eyed again only we'll be at the airport! Enhancement Shaman and I are going to Mexico for a week in the sun! But it's better than that! We're meeting the The Wayward Initiative there too! What started out as an email suggestion somewhere along the lines of "lf2m sunny vaycay! Must have passport, pst" and a few weeks later here we are on vacation eve!

Those two have gone on ahead while we're afk flying.  Hopefully somewhere around noon tomorrow they'll use a summoning stone at some bar and/or pool and that's probably not the last of my Warcraft/Vacation quips!

I wish you all a terrific week and a happy Royal Wedding.  It really was a lovely wedding.  I think that if you took away the pomp, the jewels. the titles and the McQueen designer gown you would have still had a gorgeous and happy bride - something all weddings should hope to have.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shoes Are a Tauren's Best Friend

Maybe you've worn your hoof shoes to too many World Event Galas and all those belf females are starting to talk.  Or maybe you just saw the new Christian Louboutin Fall collection and thought, ME WANT!!!!

Either way here are some fab shoes for us lady Taurens and any of who like a killer shoe.

First off the Puck Fur Boot, or the Talbuk Toe as I like to call it.  That little tuff at the end reminds of all the gentle beasts in Nagrand right before I kill them all for Hemet Nesingwary.

You don't have to sacrifice fashion for Travel Form!  With these leopard print pumps you'll be the toast of the town!

As soon as you reach your destination and get into kitty form you'll want to slip into something with a little bit more...meow.

Maybe you're the old fashioned type of Tauren and you don't want to expose too much hide. Then these laser cut, doily covered boots are for you!

Or perhaps when you're tanking, knocking down bosses and kicking ass in general.  You need something with a little more oomph.

Adds +10 strength and +1,000,000 FIERCENESS!

Or maybe you're just a crazy troll druid trying to make it in a tauren world.

Joking aside, the collection, view here: is awesome.  I would find myself lucky to even stand in front of a Christian Louboutin store let alone hold a pair in my hand (however, is someone wants to make the latter happen for me, I'm not going to refuse!)  I'm not sure who these furry shoes are for but I would love to see some starlets rocking them on the red carpet!

I'll end on more serious note and present you with this shoe...

...because it's f*cking fantastic.

20 Days of WoW (Catch Up)

Okay, I’m totally behind in my 20 Days of WoW and I can’t let The Wayward Initiative get ahead of me so here is my attempt to catch up or…

Hello Tauren phones it in!

Day 13 – People (players/bloggers) that you admire.

I really enjoy all the blogs that I read and follow. Seriously – I couldn’t even hope to compare myself to any of you because you’re smart, witty, and excellent writers! Yes, I am talking about YOU!

I also give kudos to people who can play both Horde and Alliance characters. I’ve tried but playing Alliance is like Bizzaro World. Where all the people hate me now like me and all the flight paths are just a little wonky. The folks with multiple 85 toons from both factions must really enjoy all parts of the game and are really getting their moneys worth from the monthly subscription. But deep down I hope that they really prefer Horde the most.

Day 14 – This upsets you

Some stuff happened in the guild in September and as much as I would like to forget it I still think about it from time to time. Part of me wants to hold on to feeling a little bit angry at them, but the other part of me wants to let it go.

People should play the game that they want and if your guild isn’t offering that then you should leave. However, leaving a social guild of friends is much different that a large group of strangers so be sensitive if you have to say goodbye. There are real people at the other end of the keyboard and chances are, you know them in real life.

Day 15 – Your desktop background (on your computer) and why you chose it.

This guy is my desktop background.


Enhancement Shaman put it there a while ago and I haven’t changed it. It makes me laugh every time I see it. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a little hedonism now and then?

Day 16 – Things you miss (post Cataclysm)

By far the easiest one:


I miss Thrall as Warchief because Garrosh sucks. I guess it’s only fair he leads the Horde because King Varian is sort of lame too. I don’t even recognize Thrall in his shaman robes and the last time I saw him he said I was a stupid Tauren and that I had doomed Azeroth because I couldn’t single handily kill Deathwing. Hey Thrall, that’s no way to treat the person that saved you from Durnhold Keep and reunited you with your family on a different planet. Besides, he was an invalid target, Thrall!

So yeah. I’m hoping at some point Thrall is going to come back, see the new segregated Orgrimmar and destroy it a la Jesus Christ Superstar at the temples. Flip those tables! Sing and shout! Flap your arms! ROCK OPERA!!!!!!!!!!



Miss you Old Thrall! Call me!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let the Portal Jokes Fly!

This post is dedicated to two very special bloggers/gents/fellow tweeters. Someone was complaining about the snow and I thought I would cheer them up by offering them a slice.

However, since I’m in Canada and I don’t know how easily you can ship a cake to the States and since I can’t log in at the moment and send them a cake in-game – I am sending them these virtual cakes which I have enjoyed over the years. Yes, I’m the kind of gal that has a photo album of cakes. Oh man I love zee cake!

So for BigBearButt, Dechion and other cake enthusiasts who need a pick-me-up, I present you with a cakewalk down Pacheco Lane.

First up is Chocolate Cake.

It’s your standard, crowd pleasing cocoa powder cake with a hint of coffee to really bring out the chocolate flavour with a thick chocolate fudge ganache. I made this for BrokenTree and Morvis when they came to visit last summer. Yay Guild Visits!

Peanut Butter Cake!

The same recipe above only with peanut butter icing. As a special treat this is topped with salted chocolate peanut bark for added crunch and…saltiness. I made this for my big brother who gave us a surprise visit in January. See what happens when you give me a day’s notice? You get cake.

Lemon Cake

Enhancement Shaman’s more favoured cake is lemon cake. This dessert table was from our party last June when he was Called to the Bar. Light genoise cake with a tangy lemon curd topped with sweet boiled icing. I love making cakes, but I especially enjoy making them for my husband.

Doctor Who/Lost Cake

Another lemon cake for Enhancement Shaman! This was for his birthday that also fell on the night of the last episode of Lost. It’s supposed to be designed like one of the Dharma Initiative stations and that blue thing is supposed to be a minimalist TARDIS.

The Best Chocolate Cake Ever
Sorry, this is for girls only, the chocolate flavour is too intense for boys and their taste for burnt meat and weak beer. I’m putting it here because I know there are lots of girl gamers who might enjoy a delicate slice of rich cake whilst picking flowers and bashing skulls. How chocolaty is it? Well, there are only two or three tablespoons of flour in the entire recipe, the rest is just chocolate, sugar and eggs.

Strawberry Cake!
A simple white cake with strawberry buttercream. That icing tastes just like strawberry ice cream and you know I would never lie to you about such important matters. I made this cake for my 30ish birthday and I swear the recipe called for a quarter cup of my own aging tears since they are definitely in there!

Cherpumple Cake!

Three cakes stuffed with three pies and doused in cream cheese icing. We made this for American Thanksgiving and it is a monster of a cake. White, Spice and yellow cake stuffed with a cherry, pumpkin and apple pie. It took four to five cans of frosting to cover it. Yes, canned, because that is what the recipe said to use as well as cake mixes and store-bought pies! It practically makes and stuffs itself! 

Fauxtess Cupcakes

Can you tell that I like making chocolate cake the most? Filled with vanilla bean cream, these cupcakes are just as good as those little ones you got in your lunch (and about 300% more work).

Rainbow Cake

I made this for my niece when she was two as a treat and also to be in the running as Audrey’s Favourite Aunt. Goodness she is cute and little Holly has grown, grown, grown! You just need one cake recipe and seven bowls for your colors, top with vanilla icing and sprinkles and BAM! Best Aunt Ever!
Bacon Cakes

I didn’t make these, but I wish I had. These were for my friend’s 30th birthday made by his husband. One is a white cake cleverly decorated to look like a large slab of bacony bacon and the other is a sweet cornbread cake with maple cream frosting and candied bacon. They were both really good.

Not bacony enough for you?

Well here you go, our New Year’s Breakfast platter. Ham and sausages baked until crispy. When you start January 1st with ham you know it’s going to be a good year.

So to BBB and Dech, I hope these photos helped you forget about the snow and dreary weather for a little bit! The warm weather is just around the corner and there are lots of cakes to be enjoyed in the meantime! Cheers!

EDIT:  Oh my - updated BBB's address to take you to the correct one and, you know, not those other bears.  Thanks to BT for the headsup and sorry to anyone who's innocence has now been sullied.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 12 – A usual day in your life/online time

As an assistant, my main job is to stay ahead of two key people (my bosses) while making it appear as I've done nothing at all. Sometimes that's easy because I know them pretty well.  But sometimes they do things to keep me on my toes, like triple book themselves and I need to make all those meetings work.  I also spend a lot of time chasing people (sometimes literally, like in my car), organizing meetings, making sure they remember to go to said meetings and remaining cool and collected while doing so.  I don't have to pick up dry cleaning (we have a courier to do that for us), but there is an ironing board here just in case someone's suit needs to look "crisp".  


I wouldn't say that I'm a "work wife" because they are quite capable of remembering to eat lunch and get their own coffee (although I have been known to put one of them in a Time Out). In a nutshell I make sure that they are where they need to be most and have everything they need.  I deal with little things that take up too much time or takes away from getting work done.  I laugh at all their jokes, funny or not, because that is what a good executive assistant does.   In turn those two people are probably the nicest folks I could ever hope to work for.  


Once all the fires, emergencies and conference calls have been dealt with I usually draft blogposts, catch up on Google reader, emails and eat snacks.  I totally love my job!


I start supper when I get home which can be an event.  Pouring over cookbooks, searching online and then trying to find my kitchen underneath all the clutter.   My main kitchen tools are my chef knives, Le Creuset French Oven and onions.  Man I love onions. 


Then I try to tidy up as much as I can tolerate and log into WoW.


I don't have a set routine in the game, but I should be doing more reputation dailies. I just play stream of consciousness style doing whatever seems fun until it's not. Sometimes questing or grinding or farming comes easy and sometimes it feels like a chore and a chore is a chore is a chore.  I like it when we have enough to do a run of something and I also just enjoy chatting with folks while ticking away at quests. 


I try to be in bed by 11ish and while I will say aloud that I'm not tired like an insolent child, as soon as I take my glasses off I can be asleep within minutes or seconds even.  It's my super power and I use it for good and for evil.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 11 – Bad Habits and Flaws

Or 10 things we don't know about you continued…


Oh I have tons of bad habits!  I burp in public, I can demolish a large bag of sour cream and onion chips in under a half hour, I drink wine too quickly, which causes me to make inebriated speeches at work functions.   It's all part of what makes me truly adorable and a delight to be around.


In the blog, I make loads of weird typos and use words improperly and out of context.  I don't link to or comment on other blogs as much as I should.   I'm reading lots and following lots but mostly I come away thinking, I can't sully that great post with my drivel.  There are times that I would la-la-la-love to be one of the big-bloggers, but most times I can't keep up or I'm too lazy to blog…plus I might be a taaaaad bit Guild-Centric which may alienate some readers.


In the game my bars are poorly organized in an odd fashion and I don't know what half of them do.  I'm a mouse clicker for the most part – particularly on my hunter (but when I'm healing I'm keyboard all the way), I keyboard turn when I solo quest and sometimes I run around wearing vanity gear and fishing poles by accident.    Honestly you think after four years I would be uber or learned a proper play style by now, but noop!


As for flaws there are just as many!  I have crap earlobes.  Seriously.  They aren't level and one of them is doubled at the end.   My farsightedness is next to blindliness and I am jealous of anyone that can wake up in the morning and see.


I think flaws are great and they are what make us unique.  As for bad habits – they are just habits and I'll correct them at some point but really, chips are the best things ever and I'll never give them up completely. NEVER!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 10 – Favourite Websites

I do have a full time job that keeps me busy but I pretty much read or skim blogs all day long.  Thank goodness for Google Reader!  It does all my web searching for me!   I’ve broken it into a few categories like WoW, Cooking, Crafts, Geeky, Friends, Funny and Misc. 

Cooking blogs/sites are about 50% of my subscriptions.  I seriously love looking, reading and thinking about food.   These are just a selection:

And about 30 more…at least.  I get a lot of my recipes, food wish lists and inspiration from these folks who are charming, witty and excellent cooks not to mention take gorgeous photos.  How do they find the time to make wonderful things, raise families and go to events? 

Then there are lots of WoW blogs.  I really enjoy getting some insight from like minded folks about the game.  I confess that I don’t read the main Hunter ones as much as I should.   I do like contributing as much dps as I can but I don’t need to read about it every single day.  Warcraft Hunter’s Union, OutDPS and others are excellent sources of information but I find keeping up with it exhausting.   I skim WoW.ComMMOChampion and those types of aggregators for the latest news and updates but generally I just wait for other people to tell me what’s going on through their blogs.  Like the Call to Arms thingy or new pets and such. 

I love to have new to me blogs to read! Send me your links please!

Since there are a few members of our guild who run or ran blogs I would remiss if I didn’t mention them here.

The Wayward Initiative – You know them, you love them, you’re here because of them!  Starring DarthRegis, Chawakanda and guest starring BrokenTree!

Focused Divergence – by Fal, who I haven’t seen or heard from in a while and hoping all is well!

Dechion’s Place.  Even though he has since stopped blogging about WoW (for now, I’m hoping) Dechion’s blog is full of interesting and great writing and well worth taking a revisit.
Inside Scoop!  Here's something that you probably don't know about Dechion:  He has quite possibly the best speaking voice ever.  Like 1000 times better than that hobo with a radio voice, and Dechion isn't even a hobo (as far as I know)!

BigBearButt – I think it's important to promote little known blogs like BBB.... :P  Go there, tell him I sent you - he will really, really love that.

Other sites that I like going to are:

Best Week Ever (so funny!)
Not Martha (so crafty!)
Design*sponge (so Designing!)
/Film (so slashfilmy!)
BoingBoing (so hipstery!)
Nerdist (so cute!)
Topless Robot (so crabby!)
AskMetaFilter  (so many questions!)

And lots lots more! So from this selection you can see why at the end of my day of I am utterly exhausted and only have the energy to drive home, put food in my mouth and play WoW for 6 hours.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 09 – Your first blog post

My first post is here.  After agonizing, redrafting and deleting numerous posts I just decided to put one up to get it over with.  We all have to start somewhere! 

Actually the first post I ever drafted was the one regarding Survival Hunters.  I almost called the blog Born Again Hunter but would have felt bad if some actual born again Christian hunters came across my blog and were disappointed it was about a video game.  

On a related note, out of the blue someone commented on my very old LiveJournal account.  It sent me into a very lovely journey down sentimental lane as I reread all those old posts.   

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Zug Initiative Kingslayers!

Hello - I'm blogging from the past.  It's currently Sunday morning August 15, 2010 and I'm writing this to post now because we've just DOWNED THE LICH KING and I knew that I would want to put it up immediately.  However my shaking hands and racing mind together with fits of punching the air with my fist would hinder typing out a celebratory post.


Who cares about the ____% buff or the [such and such] nerf - we did it! Thank you so much to everyone who came out tonight.  Wear your shiny new Kingslayer titles proudly - we've all earned them.

Present Day

It seems like such a long time ago that I drafted this post and so much has happened since then. The world changed, a new expansion and not to mention that we all got about 50,000 extra health each (at least)  One thing that did not survive was the bottle of bubbly I was reserving specifically for this momentous event.  No that got drunk over the holidays while watching some episodes of Jeeves and Wooster with Enhancement Shaman both of which set me into fits of teehee'ing frenzies....but I digress.

This is where we were back in November after lots of farming up to Dream Walker, vacations and an insignificant piece of, how you say, le guild drama. We look so young!  But now look at us!

Just. Look. At. Us.

And look at us here too!

Even with our added health and dps this is still a fight that requires good situational awareness, coordination and a bit of luck.  But we got him!

And because Warcraft is both a wondrous and cruel mistress - some hunter loot dropped.

I love this both from a nostalgia perspective (getting this six months ago would have blown my ever-loving mind) and a Lore perspective.  I wonder if I gave this back to our Lady Sylvannas if she would perform a song for me like that time I gave her that locket...

Well done Zug Initiatives!  I knew we could do this and it was every bit as awesome and epic as I imagined.  For all the casual players and social guilds out there this proves that end game content is never out of the question and it feels good once the achievements light up on the screen.  Really damn good!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 08 – 10 things we don’t know about you

This is a tough one because I’ve done nothing for the last two years here but talk about myself. I’ll try to put in some details that you might not know and might be slightly interesting… /crosses fingers!

1. I love my job! Seriously love it. I started 5 years ago as an Executive Assistant and I have enjoyed every minute. I get to do a lot of different things for two very great people who in turn treat me very kindly and generously. Sometimes it’s stressful but never for long. Sometimes there is yelling but it is never at me (just through me). Every day there is a different challenge but I couldn’t be happier. Plus, sometimes I get to fly on private jets to go shopping in big cities!

2.  I am still boy crazy and will watch pretty much any stupid movie as long as it has a cute boy in it.

3.  To illustrate point 2 (and this almost became a blog post but in the end it was too shameful to dedicate more than two sentences to): I have watched all of the Twilight movies. I know – I’m an awful terrible baby eater for even watching them and now I’m sickly committed to watching the rest of the series. Sigh. PS: They are large steaming piles of glittery wolf poop.

4.  I sneeze. A LOT. Like 20-30 times in a row isn’t really all that abnormal. I’ve done it since I was a kid and it’s just something I do. On the plus side – I always carry tissues if you ever require one.

5.  I was a bridesmaid 6 times before a being a bride. It’s okay – I adore weddings and was thrilled to be able to stand for all of my brides. The dresses weren’t all that awful and I actually wore one of them again (although I designed and sewed that one myself). That old adage, always a bridesmaid and never a bride, doesn’t have to apply for all of your life. There’s still hope for all you spinsters out there. Love, Your Aunt From The 1920s.

6.  My Dad is a minister which means that I grew up in what I thought was a relatively normal manner. You know where you go to church every Sunday, have big family dinners and burst into song in perfect harmony a la the Von Trapps? I didn’t know that other kids were sleeping in or watching TV on Sunday mornings – those lucky ducks. Now that I’m older I still like church and churchy things – especially zany church ladies – they rock and make a damn fine platter of crustless sandwiches.

And no matter how much my sisters-in-law get a kick out of it, Dusty Springfield’s song, Son of a Preacher Man, has always made me uncomfortable.

7.  Despite the above and my love of love, happiness, sparkles and unicorns I do have faults. The main one being that I hold a grudge. I know it’s bad but there you go. That mean-spirited clown that embarrassed me and made fun of me when I was 5, the vile maitre d’ at the restaurant I worked at one summer and my insane university dorm-mate who wrote strange things about me in a letter to her mother (which she wrote and saved on my computer). DIAF ALL OF YOU…especially clowns.

8.  I love my life with my husband, our friends and everything we have – I wouldn’t change anything about it…but sometimes I am overwhelmed, nay overcome and slightly weepy, with baby fever. However this is generally cured by weekends with my adorable little nieces and sleeping 10 hours a night.

9.  I once ate so many egg rolls that I made myself sick. I think the count was around 11 or 13. Then I vomited. Yes. That’s the kind of girl I was at 12 and while I haven’t tried it since then, I doubt I’ve learned my lesson.

10. I love a good rock ballad (or any song) with a key change in the last chorus to really drive the emotion home. There’s is nothing like a well placed key change…well, maybe a choreographed dance scene busted out in a high school movie. I love those.

So there you have – 10 very random things and silly about me. Hopefully they did not leave you in a state of shock due to their dark and shameful nature. Let’s be thankful that this wasn’t 11 Things We Don’t Know About You because the 11th one is a doozy!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 07 – The reason behind your blog’s name

You might or might not know that this blog started out with another name, Tauren Gravy.  Yes it awful but I made it to coincide with its sister blog, Bacon Gravy and dudes, I totes love gravy.  However, the name was hastily chosen without too much thought and it's also a little stupid so I changed it.  I think you can probably guess from it's current name that I really love Hello Kitty. 
So uh…there.   I guess there isn't really any great back-story because I'm not all that creative.  I mean really, Tauren Gravy?  Sheesh!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 6: Your Computer Desk

My computer desk?

It is truly awful and I don’t know if I want to share it. At the moment my $30.00 pressboard student desk is covered with notes for recipes, tax papers, craft project bits, and loads of other things that have just been piled on because I had them in my hand when I logged into WoW. The drawer is full of old bills, pens, cookie cutters, memory sticks, two pairs of socks, the apartment lease, receipts and other junk that I shoved in there.

In the interest of getting this post done and up I decided to draw you a picture of what my little area looks like in my head rather than how it looks at the moment. I do intend on cleaning it up at some point this evening/week/month/year so in the mean time I present you with my desktop!
There aren’t any fresh flowers, and there isn’t a bookcase (sigh – a girl can dream though), the monitor should be a bit larger and the chair isn't actually see through. Sadly the only thing to scale or even remotely close to real life are the pencil thin lines of the desk. It wobbles, swags and sags in the middle and it would not surprise me if I find myself typing the words, “afk desk collapse” in the middle of a boss fight. Someday I’ll get a grown up desk to put into a grown up apartment that is filled with grown up things. But until that day comes or until it disintegrates completely it’s good enough for me.

Thankfully the computer is great.  I think that it’s two years old now?  It’s a hand-me-down from Enhancement Shaman but an upgrade from his older–older one.  (Side note: a great thing about having computery-type folks for brothers and a husband is that I always have a great computer that does everything I need but not quite enough for them.)   I know I have a big monitor and a black computer but that’s about it.  When people start talking about memory, video cards and cables I start to hear buzzing and Charlie Brown Teacher noises.  I’m slowly resigning to the fact that technology is passing me by and I no longer understand how things work.  Like a 3D printer  - how the hell does that thing work and get off my lawn you damn kids!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 5: Your Favourite In Game Item

  Haiku for the Archmage

Forged from a quest chain
Your laughter rings while I dance
Here comes a (slash) slap

Archmage Vargoth is our guild's unofficial mascot.  Lots of us still carry his staff  in our bags and I frequently use the quest line to acquire it in order to level to 68 (and to get the hell out of Outland).  He (or multiple occurrences of him) will show up for guild photos, in between pulls and when we are rebuffing before a boss and I never get tired of his response to /dance, /wave, /bow, /sexy and /slap.

He's like a party in a staff!

I wish Blizzard would make this staff an official companion pet!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 4: Your Best WoW Memory or Happy Birthday Zug Initiative!

How can I sum up the last four years with one memory?  I'm not sure if I can as there have been loads of them and I wouldn't still be playing if I only had one happy time to look back on.  Many of them are catalogued in this blog. Raiding adventures, achievements, levelling and swooning in general - it's all here so it's hard to pinpoint down the best ones.

Instead I'll use this as an opportunity to say thank you for all those memories. I owe them all to our guild and it just so happens that it's our birthday today!

When Enhancement Shaman, Darthregis and BrokenTree formed up the guild I was thrilled when they asked me to join. I was in Thunder Bluff and got a whisper to sign the charter from BT who said "I'm on top of the mailbox". My first thought was, Thunder Bluff has a mailbox?? So I had to ask where that was as I was already horribly lost, embarrassed and kept falling off those rope bridges.  Finally I found him, signed the charter, got a guild tabard and happily saw under my name.

That was four years ago today and we're still the same group of folks that like to have a fun time, help each other and just enjoy what ever it is we happen to be doing at the moment. We've welcomed a few more like-minded folks into our online family and I always look forward to see who is playing or saying hello when people log on. Thanks to all!

I didn't know back then that I would making a very close friendship with a certain lady Tauren. I only met her briefly in real life and then a few months later I saw the words, Chawakanda has come online. It's been one of the best things to come out of an online game for me. I know her heart belongs to Darthregis, but we are two smitten kittens! Love you darling! Thanks for playing and all the laughs!

Here's to all those great guilds out there who celebrate their members as much as their in game achievements!