Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 3: Your First Day of WoW

Meet Pacheco from four years ago! Of course back then his name was something different. I wasn't sure how long I would be playing so I didn't put much thought into names. The first day/week/month/year of playing there was lots of questing, exploring, back tracking, dying and shrieking. I didn't know where things were or what to do. I didn't exactly understand what the Horde was nor why I was serving it. I do remember the "pig men" in the Mulgore starting zone. I spent a long time in there and hated every second.

All in all my first day was fascinating enough to continue to play but boring enough that I don't remember it very well.

During my free trial I leveled him up to 14. Once I decided to make the commitment to play I froze him in time and have only logged into him once or twice. He is forever roaming the terrain in the shadow of Thunder Bluff hoping to catch a glimpse of Ara'chea (and most likely being chased by those wolves).

(Pacheco Sr. 2007-20??)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 02 – Why you decided to start a blog

Truthfully, it was to immortalize our guild’s appearance on WoW Insider’s column, Guild Watch. Remember Guild Watch? It was my only way to experience Guild Drama. Loot Ninjas! Bank robberies! Mutinies and guild mergers! I knew people could be jerks in PuGs, raids and groups but I didn’t know that top guilds required so much of their members. And it was so fascinating the amount of work and responsibility hardcore raiders were willing to do to get the best gear.

At the time I was reading a few big time bloggers like BRK and BBB and learned a lot of great info on my class, instances and the game in general. I wanted to see what the regular, casual players like me were up to. It was then I thought I would write about my little adventures in not raiding, not gearing up, not caring about dps and just having fun. It would be about funny things that I observed or did in the game and how much I loved all my friends, sparkles and pastries.

So the blog was born and here we are! I still maintain my small-time blogger status and just recently loads of great people have linked me or added me to blogrolls. I truly feel like I’m part of the community! Thank you!

I never ended up sharing the post from Guild Watch back then, go figure. So here it is – almost two years to the week I started my WoW blog…

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

20 days of...WoW Blogging Challenge: Day 1 Intoduce Yourself

You've probably read a few post by bloggers doing Spellbound's 20 days of WoW blogging challenge. I first noticed this over at Specced for Drama (who led me to Spellbound) and then Mystic District started his today and I think it’s a great idea. I love knowing that there will be new and interesting posts to read and let’s face it, I also love snooping into people’s lives a little bit.

Since there is a dry spell of activity going on in my neck of Azeroth I thought this was the perfect way to get the old bloggy juices flowing and that will be the last time I ever say “bloggy juices”. Plus, I'm always game for a meme - so here goes!


Hello, I'm Hello Tauren! (Hello, Hello Tauren!)

I enjoy playing WoW, cooking, crafting and napping. You can find me exclusively on Kael'thas as Pacheco (Tauren Hunter), Ianto (Tauren Druid), Bahnee (Undead Mage) and a myriad of other alts but lately I've been playing Ahja, the Tauren Paladin all the livelong day. My guild, The Zug Initiative is comprised of my husband, many of our RL friends and some family here and there. It's a great environment to play in and we all get along smashingly.

I started playing WoW in 2007 as a way to spend time with my husband who, at the time, was going to Law School. I had read a silly article about how spouses/significant others of law students should engage in their partner's activities because of the stresses of school and yadda yadda yadda. Play more video games? Rohkay! Cut to today and we still enjoy playing, although I've been playing a bit more than him lately….something about Left For Dead 2 (oh yeah, and work).

Outside of WoW you can find me at Bacon Gravy where I try to find the fattiest most buttery and completely bacony things to make. (Although as of late we're trying to eat healthy: yawn). I love silly, dorky things, not cleaning our apartment and making messes. I'm still coping with turning 30 (despite it being a year ago – okay 2 years ago, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW???) and I am dreading the day I find a grey hair. So underneath this sunny disposition there is some darkness, as you can see.

If you ever see me in game please say or /wave /hello. If I steal your mob, node or herb please know that I'm very sorry and it was not intentional and I’ll happily give you the mineral/herb and even stick around to help you fight the boss that just respawned. If you see me in real life...well, that would just be really strange. Don't expect an invite in, because the place is a mess! However, if you give me advanced notice there will probably be a cake waiting for you.

Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wherein I Become Everyone's Grumpy Grampy

I don't want to sound all like back in my day we had to grind Hillsbrad Mountain Lion Blood for levels and levels until it dropped but...back in back in my day we had to grind Hillsbrad Mountain Lion Blood for levels and levels until it dropped!  That, and Dual Specs cost 1000g.

Now it costs 10g.

10. Gold.

Why even bother charging for it?  Just give it to everyone and call it a day.  I didn't know how offensively cheap it had become and I choked on my own rage for a little bit when I saw that price yesterday.  Something that people had to grind weeks or months for has now become something you get from doing a daily. 

Anyway - here's Ahja, the fresh new level 70 retribution/protection paladin.  Will she ever actually tank?  Who knows?

ehhh probably not.

Not an achievement


Morning all!
Twitter has come a long way since I started using it years ago.  Now that I can post to mulitple accounts at once I've decided to start tweeting from my @hellotauren profile more often.  If you like random WoW things to read through the day to supplement your WoW blog daily reading feel free to check it out!  If you are already following my personal feed I will do my best not to do any crossposting, spamming or overtweeting. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Tauren Costume Is One Step Closer to Completion!

Just look at these hoof shoes!

Just. Look. At. Them.

Sure they might set you back CDN $2,600 but how can you pass up the opportunity to add these to your armory?Plus with that sexy heel it will go fab with your chain mail gown and white dragonscale opera gloves.  

I really love the dude that is working these boots and a tweed jacket. LUV. HUH!

/Hello Tauren is a ladies size 9

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Telling the Truth Today So I Can Lie Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning there will be a lot of pleasant how was your weekend banter at the office.  I'll smile and say that I had a nice and relaxing weekend walking down to the farmer's market, baked loaves of bread and caught up on some weeknight TV all while tidying and cleaning our apartment.  You know, normal people stuff.

All. Lies.

It was too rainy to go to the market (even though it's 35 steps from the front door), the kitchen was too messy to even look at, all the TV shows were repeats this week and I only clean under the duress of impending company.  

So what did I really do?  Since I haven't outed myself as a huge WoW-nerd at work I can't tell them that I power leveled my Tauren Paladin nearly twenty levels in 2 days. They wouldn't appreciate the difference leveling in the revised Eastern Plaguelands and they certainly wouldn't understand the pure agony it was to only see grey level mithril nodes when I was thirsty for some thorium.  Seriously Searing Gorge - why all the mithril?

This was me on Friday night. Enhancement Shaman was at a work thing so it was supper for one coupled with a marathon WoW session for me.  It took about 6.5 hours to get from 33 to 40 Friday night.

and then most of the day Saturday to power up to level 50.

While some of the quests are the same in Hinterlands, Western/Eastern Plaguelands, Badlands and Searing Gorge.  There are loads of funny quests and really good story arcs that made this very enjoyable.  They now have a quest to board a rocket mount from EPL that flies you to Badlands.  Not that you can actually make the Arathi Highlands -> Kargath trek anymore - but it is still nice to do while you reminisce about all the characters who made that rite of passage journey.

I wanted to share these achievements here, with people that understand sometimes after a stressful week at work you just want to get into your jammies, sit your beefy behind in front of the computer, play WoW and forget about the rest of the world.  And also so that when I tell my boss how great of a weekend I had doing lots of normal-sounding-made-up things I'll know that some folks out there know the truth.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm Still Here!

Hey remember when I said I was going to post every week?


Well, what good are resolutions if you don't break them every once in a while?  I didn't post last week because of numerous reasons the biggest one being that nothing was happening.  Lunar Festival and Love is in the Air left me with little enthusiasm to play.


However, we have started to run some heroics that are a lot of fun and frustrating at times.  After those months of chain heroics and blowing through content in Wrath I like having the challenge and dealing with difficult pulls.   I started a Hunter Crowd Control post but put it on hold because I am no authority on anything, other than Harry Potter trivia and pastry consumption.  I love/hate CC because as much as I want to be good at it, I am on the sucky side of suck.  It's great when it works but it fills me with self-loathing when it doesn't.


I spent a little time levelling my Tauren Paladin (Ahja, named after yet another Jem and the Holograms character).  The revamped Tirisfal Glades, Forsaken storyline and the quests are great.  I was as shocked as Garrosh when I saw what our Lady Sylvannas was up to. 


I hope that you have been having a fun time in WoW and that all your drops have been blue if not purple. I'm hanging up my hunting hat for a shopping hat and bathing suit cover-up for the weekend: going to Fort Lauderdale for some sun/retail therapy and pretend that I'm an actual jet setter!  If you see an awkward looking gal with tears brimming at the sight of a Super Target please, pay no mind. 


/Hello Tauren loves the US dollar right now!