Friday, October 14, 2011

Oh Blog, I could never quit you.

It's been so long that I've posted here regularly that I've stopped drafting "Farewell and thanks for reading/Turn out the lights on your way out" posts. This blog has served its purpose of being the place I can spread the happiness my guild, The Zug Initiative, has given me on to you: my dear, faithful readers and fellow Warcraft blog addicts. I thought I would just let it exist in its own little way and visit from time to time to reflect on my journeys through Azeroth.


It would appear that my rainbow bucket is near full again and I can't not share with you all the happy times I have in the game. With all the guild drama, bitching, and awful PuGs out there sometimes you need a little unicorn chaser to balance things out.

So let's play a little bit of catch up.

The summer did not yield too much raiding, if any. We did do some old timey achievements such as a full Naxx clear as well as killing our server's namesake, Kael'Thas (fiiiinally). The mount even dropped and [Enhancement Shaman] won the roll! It was one of those I'm really happy you got it but I wish it was meeeeeee moments.

There has been some PvP. Oh yes. PvP right in my face. I hadn’t entered a BG for about a year and when Regis/Chawa asked if I would like to join them it was like awakening a monster inside of me. I'm sorry Alliance, I know that there are nice players behind the faction but I cannot get enough of killing you. I've also come around from scowling at the BG call outs such as "OMG U SUCK" and "dis is why ally win" etc to finding it hilarious. Picturing them sitting in their room just seething as they violently mash out their frustrations for lack of defence or killing healers- well it makes me chuckle.

In other alt news I levelled a warrior solely through questing as a spin off project from Dechion's LFD only levelling experiment and rerolled a troll rogue which I'm having a lot of fun with. She just dinged 60! Maybe I’ll write more on her later and levelling through Eastern Kingdoms vs. Kalimdor (because one was faster than the other).

Okay, that's enough to go on for today. It's Friday and I think that we're going to the Firelands tonight/Sunday! Hooray!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. hahah I love BG convo ... it doesn't matter whether on my allie or hordie ... it is the same ...

    'you all suck' and 'this is why the allie/hordie always win'

    even if I log from one faction to the other they are always convinced that the other side are always the winners.