Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hello Tauren: Squee Edition

You know when something is so awesome that you can't stop looking at it? Well hold onto your wizard hats because I'm about to share with you something very special....

We have this guild member, see? And she's a really great artist, see? And she's very, very, very cool, see?

It was during guild chat that the subject of rainbow-barfing unicorns came about ('natch). Which turned into a rainbow-barfing Tauren which turned into riding unicorns and shooting rainbows in general. I half jokingly asked if Sebyr would take a simple request of a Tauren riding a unicorn shooting a rainbow from a bow. More specifically my Tauren.

You know, the usual type of thing. Oh, and could he be wearing a dress too? Pacheco loves dresses.


Ask and ye shall receive....

Behold! Pacheco, the Tauren Hunter on a unicorn mount shooting a rainbow from his new PvP bow, wearing a red dress! Just look at him! LOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!

The fabulousness and awesomeness and utter fantasticness of this work of art I could have never imagined. She captured him perfectly! The hair, the ring, the bow, the dress! THE FLOWERS!!!!! Those kill me! I have been staring at this photo for the last few days now and every time it fills me with sunny beams and sparkles!

So I want to give huge thanks to Sebyr for working so hard on my request. It's now my desktop as well as a framed photo on my nightstand, (sorry Archie - consider your ginger mug replaced)! I am in awe of your talent and I hope we see more of your art in the future! /hug!

/Hello Tauren is forever on a unicorn, shooting a rainbow and filled with happiness


  1. Heh, for half a moment there (before I read everything!) I thought the unicorn was actually Malorne!

  2. Hmm - maybe we can convince her to do another drawing.... :D

  3. Funny - it's my current desktop too! <3