Sunday, October 23, 2011

Favourite Blizzcon Moments

Blizzcon was an impulse buy.  With The Wayward Initiative besties doing guild chat live updates I wanted in on the action.  It proved to be one of the best things I did all weekend!  Live streaming at home meant no lines, no one walking in front of the screens or blocking views and, more importantly, I did the whole thing without pants! 

So here are my highlights of the weekend in no particular order:

Mists of Pandaria: After watching the panel on the new expansion and seeing the concept art and new changes I'm not worried.  Who doesn't love cuddly pandas? I've said it a million times this weekend but I just want to poke their chubby bellies and squish their faces!  Kung Fu Panda similarities aside it's obvious that Blizzard is excited for it and has put a lot of time and thought into it.  However, it doesn't mean that I'm not not going to make fun of it. /bangs gong.

WoW Annual subscription.  Okay - we all know about it, but I got a little teary eyed with excitement as Mike Morhaime made the announcement.  It's dorky I know, but I felt like we were getting something for our continued patronage.  A free game, a beta key and a mount - it's a lot for what most of us are already paying for on a yearly basis.

Jay Mohr! Jay Mohr was on my "List" in university and I like that we're both fat now.

Jazzed historian: Shawn Copeland! Mostly an inside joke but every time he was on stage it felt like he was trying to motivate us about how awesome his job is.  He wanted us to be as jazzed as was and jazz us in the face.

Geeking out over Christie Golden.  She wrote Lord of the Clans in 6 weeks.  SIX WEEKS!  That is very impressive for such a great book.

Dude in the paladin costume.  This appeals to the RPer inside of me: HAWT!

Live Raid: Come on! It was probably the most thrilling event of the Con to watch.  I have never seen those boss fights and pitting Horde against Alliance really appeals to the competitor in me.  I felt that Blood Legion was fighting for my love and for the honour of the Horde. With the race so close I was glued to my seat!  Even more impressive was just seeing what hardcore raiding is like.  They did in an hour what our guild can do in about two expansions. Grats to Blood Legion! FOR THE HORDE!

The FooFighters show and Dave Grolh signing those fab tits.  Hey - a girl can be appreciative of them too.

Probably one of the best discoveries about Blizzard was finding out that Cory Stockton was the most adorable WoW developer ever! (call me!)

Live streaming Blizzcon was a lot of fun. I'm sure that it would have been sweet to experience it first hand but it was great to be able to switch back and forth between panels.   It was cool to be able to watch along with all the tweeters at home and especially fun to make catty commentary with Chawa and Regis.  We're currently rewatching the Lore Q&A from yesterday as I type this and showing these nerds NO MERCY.
Now that it's over and I've identified the cute boys, I'll leave it up to the real blogs to give actual content from Blizzcon but I can't leave without sharing a rainbow! Here's a bonus shot from the Diablo III/Auction House panel!  I don't know anything about Diablo, but it's got my attention...!

See you next year Blizzcon!

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