Friday, October 21, 2011

Expansion Wish List

Thought I would offer my little thoughts and hopes for what I would like to see the next expansion what ever it might be.
Turalyon and Alleria! Despite my dedication to the Horde as it is now, I loved how these two fought against the possessed horde as well as their feelings for each other. We last see them follow Ner'zhul through a portal but they never materialize.  If they came back to the game I would probably level an alliance toon just to see them.
Thrall:  Thrall needs to come back and depose Garrosh as Warchief.  I only consider him now to be a substitute Warchief.  Probably why I never listen to him, talk through his speeches and throw paper airplanes over his head.  I suspect that we will see Garrosh act selfishly to save the Horde just like his father and die in an act of heroism which will make me feel bad about how much I hate him now.
New faction: I would like to have a third faction which was neutral to Horde and Alliance.  That way I could enter into the cities and not be pummelled by guards and players.  I just want to take a look around and see how the other side lives.  And sometimes while playing battlegrounds I wish I could shiv, stunk or spank some of my fellow players for being jackasses.
More mail dresses for hunters! 
and um...more achievements?
Of course there are tons more but I'm trying to get this up as fast as I can before they announce the actual expansion and the Diablo III date and all this becomes mooooot.
Happy Blizzcon weekend! 
Hello Tauren

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