Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lighting the Raid Fires (but not standing in them)

There has been some chatter amongst The Zug Initiative for a desire to raid again. I couldn't be happier. Going through Ice Crown Citadel with our bunch of yahoos was always a good time: the aggravation of almost getting a boss, the hilarious and inconvenient wipes and the absolute thrill of working together to get a boss. Love it! (Plus, sometimes there's loot.)

We've always had two main problems when it comes to raiding:

1. LF1M/LF1M(to stay behind)

It has always seemed like we're either short on numbers by 1 or 2 or conversely we have 1 or 2 people who would like to raid but there aren't enough spots. We have enough toons to make up quite a few raids, but we only have about 8 or 9 actual players. On the first part we combat this by either scraping the raid or by doing lower content. There are always alts (and sometimes mains) that need achievements and sometimes it just feels good to pew-pew something really quick.

The second part needs a bit more delicacy to deal with. The fact is that everyone wants a chance to see content and everyone should get that chance. Generally people will offer to sit out, but sometimes that is at the cost of a tank, healer or my incredible DPS*. However, I love seeing raids for the first time and am very happy to give someone else that chance. I might be sore about it for a moment or two, but there are lot of opportunities. Why not let the very casual players have the experience this time around? Sometimes just getting in the door can be thrilling enough.

2. Time Zones

Oh my Earth Mother! Why are we so split up across the universe? Our raid times are usually 7/7:30 server time. However, that's 9:30 local and means that I only have a few hours before I get bleary eyed and belligerent. Some folks have kids and also like a little rest. The Wayward Initiative is just getting in the door from a long day at work and our New Zealand office is just waking up. Scheduling a good time for everyone to get together is just as hard as organizing a bunch of executives for a board meeting (read: annoyingly hard). It means that everyone is inconvenienced just a little but for the good of the raid we make those sacrifices.

When the stars align and we end up with 10 actual people online at the same time it's a small victory already. We summon, we buff, we dance, we summon Archmage Vargoth and we wait for /readycheck. Sometimes it's fun to kill dragons, but it's always fun to kill dragons together.

/Hello Tauren is ready to raid!

*My blog – my imaginary dps numbers.

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  1. I've gone casual and fill that role for my guild at the moment - when they need a spare, I'll step in. My expectation is that over time I'll see the bosses and get the kills.