Thursday, December 23, 2010

World of WowCrafts!!

Remember the other day when I mentioned I was working on a different kind of post?  Well the folks at are featuring me today on their World of WarCrafts column!  Go there for step by step instructions for the guild banner ornaments or click here for the post!

I want to thank them for being so nice to put it up before Christmas and I hope that it gets people thinking crafty thoughts over the holidays!   However, it would not have been possible without a gentle nudge from Chawakanda.  She submitted my post to their attention and I was very surprised when I received an email asking for me to contact them.  Thank you again darling!

I hope everyone has a terrific week getting prepared for the holidays. Once again I'm finding it difficult to juggle my desire to have all the Christmas work done and still play WoW.  Dang you expansion and your awesomeness!  (I'm just kidding, I could never stay mad at you, Cataclysm).  When I think about Santa coming in two days I can only hear Illidan telling me, "you are not prepared".  Okay Illidan I get it!  Back to wrapping and baking I go!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hello Tauren

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chawa! Chawa! Chawa!

Today's post is dedicated to my in-game hunter sister and friend, Chawakanda.

She completely and utterly made my day, my week, my year for reasons that you will find out very soon.  You know when someone encourages you in just the right way and at just the right time?  Well, that's what she did and I am very grateful to her.  I'm working on a different kind of post right now and I hope you stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter Veil Eve!!!

Last year I made some Horde Ornaments to hang on our tree and as a little surprise I sent them to some guildmates tucked inside their Christmas cards.  This year I wanted to create something that celebrated my WoW Family.  It's been a great year for The Zug Initiative.  We've gone to Ice Crown Citadel, we've leveled up numerous alts, we've visited one another and celebrated the birth of a brand new Hordeling!  Through time off, pre-expansion blues, 4.0 confusion and the coming and going of members we have persevered despite our small numbers and the guild remains the same: fun and casual (with a delicious layer of sarcasm).  Yay us!

This is a very easy craft you can do for your own guild, luckily our crest is quite easy to replicate so your mileage may vary.

Guild Banner Ornament

You will need:

Felt in the colours of your guild tabard
Glitter glue
1 sheet of plastic transparency or other material for template
Needle and thread
1 cinnamon stick
Glue gun!

Make a template of your guild crest.  I used an overhead transparency sheet I found in our back storage room at work.

Fill in with glitter glue! Yay Sparkles!!!!!

Remove template and let the glue dry.

Using a second colour of felt cut out a large rectangle leaving a little boarder on each side and around the bottom.

Tack the two pieces together with a little thread. 

Cut out a design of your choosing like, notched! Select the best looking cinnamon stick from the bunch and cut a length of string about 10 inches.

Time to break out the big guns, the glue gun that is!  Knot the string at each end of the cinnamon stick leaving two inches of overhang.

Dab a little glue on the back and wind the string around to secure.

Secure the cinnamon stick to the felt with some glue and let it dry.

Your cinnamon flavoured guild banner is now ready to hang!  

 And some are ready to be mailed!

Happy Winter Veil everyone!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Friday! or Best. Trinket. Ever!

Tauren Hunter, all the way across the sky!

It’s no secret that Fridays and rainbows go hand in hand. They are both magical, send people into fits of joy and occasionally cause people to lose their minds out of happiness. I thought I would end this week with a non-archaeology related post and show you some Friday love!

The Rainbow Generator comes from a quest reward in Felwood. Talk to Arcanist Delaris and she will give you a few quests to do that leads to one called Open Their Eyes. I don’t want to give away too much about but it’s pretty cute! The drawback is that this trinket has a 10 minute cool down so you can’t continually blast your enemies away with awesomeness.  The Care Bears only had 1 Care Bear Stare per episode, so save it for when you truly need it.

I thought it would have been hilarious to use this on Arthas last week and surprise the guild but was too scared that it might distract and mess up a run. After 4 or 5 wipes sometimes you just need a little rainbow magic to help you along.

It’s a fabulously sunny and somewhat mild day for December 10 on the East Coast. I have a weekend planned for some Christmassy things, some baking and loads and loads of WoW playing and maybe watching Love, Actually a few hundred more times.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Intro to WoW Archaeology: Extra Credit

As a tiny follow up from my previous intro to WoW Archaeology I have a few more observations to share:

1.    The fragments you collect will turn grey somewhere between 90-100 so you will not gain a skill point every time you find one.  However, you will still get 5 skill points when you solve a puzzle and make an artifact. So, 5 skill points for 25-35 fragments with an average of 3 fragments per dig means that you'll need to visit anywhere between 8-12 dig sites of the same race to solve one puzzle.  When we factor in travel time, air velocity and the position of the sun it will take you approximately FOREVER to get your skill up to 525.

In this regard it is probably better to save up all your artifacts until you hit 100 and then start solving.  So you might like to try that if you are just starting out.  I'm going to slow and steady route (since I have no choice right now).  Level and learn!

2.    You get some help.  After level 75 (or perhaps it's random) you'll dig up items like the Highborne Scrolls that count towards missing artifacts.  You can use these in the slots under the artifact counter which cuts down on the number of dig sites you have to visit.  Just click on the little hexagon and your scroll will automatically add in artifacts.  NOTE:  If you do not solve the puzzle at this time, the artifact is not used but will still remain in your bag.  You can only use 1 scroll per puzzle. 

3.     More digging = more sites.  An excavation site will not despawn until you find all 3 fragments.  In order to move around the map and collect different types of fragments you'll need to tackle sites currently active on the map.   This is random so you will find you're collecting a LOT of Night Elf fragments in Kalimdor (which makes sense) and loads of troll/dwarf fragments in Eastern Kingdoms.  Other than those three and the common archaeology fragments I have not encountered any other races.  Taurens, where are you?

My advice it to just hit the sites as it's convenient.  Only the artifacts you create and the scrolls you find will take up space in your inventory and fragments left over from one puzzle count toward your next project.  It's neat for the little story lines that are revealed to you piece by piece and insight into the different races such as Scandalous Silk Nightgown - Oh you saucy Night Elves!  

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Intro to Archaeology

First off, happy Cataclysm Day! I was so excited about the release that I kept waking up to see what time it was and counting down the minutes until the servers went live.  Then went the clock turned 4:00am (ish) I thought, screw this – WoW can wait and went back to sleep.

Until 5:15 am that is.

But where to head first?  Mount Hyjal?  Vashj'ir? I wasn't in the mood for competing for mobs. But then I remembered one thing I was sort of looking forward to:


I flew around Kalimdor for almost three hours surveying, digging, and putting together artifacts.  It was fun, it wasn’t crowded and I talked with a few very nice people who were excited about the expansion but were glad for the relief from crowded zones.  

Archaeology is a side project you can do while you are levelling, exploring zones or waiting for raids/instances to form.  The Archaeology trainer in Orgrimmar is in the same building as Garrosh. 

In the Professions tab you’ll see two things. The Survey icon and the Archaeology icon which I will refer to later.  You can pull both these icons to your toolbar

When you open your map you’ll see some shovel icons around the zones which indicate where dig sites are.  They are usually (surprise, surprise) in the same areas at ruins, bones or places of old magical power.   Travel to these sites and you will see a highlighted area where you can dig. 

 Start digging!

Using the survey equipment  will point you the right direction and the light beacon will tell you how far away you are from the fragment.  If it’s red, go a good distance in the correct direction and then survey again.  It will turn yellow when you’re almost there and green when you are sooooo close!  When you’ve hit the right spot a little fragment will show up and you collect it as currency.



 You're burning up!  You're in the desert!!!!...oh you found it.

Where did my archaeology fragment go to?

That’s what I kept asking myself since I couldn't find any evidence I had collected anything.  It wasn't under the currency tab (even though it's called Currency)and it wasn't in my inventory.  Lo and behold, it’s located in your Archaeology tab!  Yay! Click on the Archaeology icon and you can see what types of artifacts you have collected so far and how many fragments you need to complete one. 

The second tab shows you what you have already completed.  I managed to complete two Night Elf relics during my morning excavation.  

You can only collect three relics in one dig site before it disappears.  However, as soon as you finish one site another will spawn in another area or zone.  So there will be a lot of traveling if you plan to dedicate some time to it but with Azeroth flying and all the new flight paths getting around is fairly easy.

One of the biggest pluses of the profession is that you are not in competition with other players.  It’s not like a node or herb or something else people to lose their mind over.  After you dig up three artifacts the site despawns and you go on your way even if there are other people doing the same thing.  You don’t take anyone’s precious loot and they can’t take yours.  Happy times all around.

It’s not a very fast process, mind you.  You aren't going to run around like Indiana Jones, cracking whips, and choosing grails but really, who wants to be anything like Indiana Jones after that last abomination of a movie.  Aliens and ancient ruins?  I was offended both as a fan and as an anthropology major.  Warcraft Archaeology is more akin to fishing where you do it here and there until it becomes an obsession and takes over your life until you get every last achievement.

Happy digging!

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Cataclysm Cometh: The Final Countdown

Oh my goodness you guys!  Here we are on Cataclysm Eve – have you laid out your cookies and yeti milk for  Garrosh when he blasts down your door and yells at you to death? Yes Garrosh, I am here to serve the Horde, you don’t have to be a dick about it and my Warchief, Thrall, already asked me about a billion jillion times.

I just bought the download so now I'm ready!  Getting the digital download means no lines and I don’t have to be on the lookout for the delivery guy tomorrow too scared to go to the bathroom in case he does arrive.  It was agony when I ordered the Saturday delivery of Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix.  I had to wait until 10:00 freaking AM and knew very well people were finished and posting internet spoilers.  Never again!

The game doesn't go live until 4:00AM local time and don’t get me wrong, I enjoy WoW but not enough to purposely wake up that early to compete in the level 85 race (6:00 maybe...just to get a little taste before I have to go to work). 

Regardless of when you play or where you go first please do be mindful of the other players.  You might not have stood in line to get Cataclysm but you should wait your turn to kill a named mob if there are people there before you. 

/Hello Tauren is going to bed early and has The Final Countdown stuck in her head!

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Cataclysm Cometh (Part II)

T'was the weekend before Cata
And all through the land,
The creatures were stirring
And kicking up sand.

The shields and the swords;
The wands, guns and bows
Were sharpened and polished
For our healers and heroes.

The Lich King was easy 
We killed him and his ghouls*
But this dragon is different,
Most evil and cruel.

His shadow washed over us
As we looked up to the sky
And then we were dead – we didn't know why.

He turned back t'wards, we were ready to fight
We wanted revenge for our deaths tonight!
Landing before us, his voice booming with ire.
"You should know better than to stand in the fire!"

-Hello Tauren

Have a lovely Friday everyone!  I've got plans for Christmas prep, WoW playing and birthday cake-makin' so it's going to be a fun weekend!

*we didn't actually kill Arthas, yet…but never spoil a good story for the sake of the truth, as my mother would say.