Wednesday, August 25, 2010


They are taking Volley away!  How dare they!  No more arrows falling out of my gun and no more competing with pesky mages and OP warlocks?  I say good day to you sir!




No, I guess I'm going to have to agree that this is an okay change and makes sense – we're not wizards or conjurers.  Our amazing and awe-worthy dps power comes from our ranged weapon and pet (not to mention good looks), not a mana pool or through some weird lore regarding dragons and mystics gettin' busy.  


I remember the day that I started using Volley regularly: during the scourge invasion before Wrath.  Fellow hunters and I would just misdirect onto our pets and scoop up all those nasty wraiths and giants and zombies.  Ever since I enjoy using it from time to most of the time when I'm feeling a teeeeeeeeeeeny bit lazy and also when there is a group of mobs deliciously close together – sometimes I can't resist!


Farewell volley, I used and misused you well!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Family is a Wonderful Thing

One great things about WoW in the last year or so is that I've been able to reconnect with some of my family.  Many months ago I saw my cousin post on Facebook "going to play some WoW and .... "

Oh my!  I immediately sent her a message that I played too and was in a guild and we're on the Kael'Thas and basically dancing on tenterhooks hoping she was horde.  I really didn't want to have to discontinue our personal relationship because she choose the opposite faction - but I've been known to do worse.

A few hours later and she and her husband were in the guild!  Hooray!  Since then we've been able to have them visit a few times while they were in the city and I've gotten a chance to know their very adorable little girls, well, little ladies, I should say.

We've been having a slight problem with hackers lately and while we do have an unofficial password to know if your Zug through and through, I had to make sure that I was about to invite my cousin's alt.

Poor My Brother.  It's true that he did play dolls with me.  I'm not sure why he had such a fascination with them nor why he got the Ken and Barbie dolls before I did. I think my parents were tighrope walking that fine line of "we do want him to be happy but we don't want him to be ridiculed" so when they had me he was finally able to play with dolls.  Anyhow - he turned out fine, I mean, he didn't turn out like horribly demented and utterly insane doll collector or anything. And I don't think he still plays with dolls. I will always remember how when I didn't have many girls in the neighbourhood to play with he would take the time to play with his little sister.

And speaking of family, we're off to NB for my niece's 4th birthday party!  I've amassed an array of Hello Kitty goodies, sparkly paper and ribbons into a giant prezzie, but nothing can compete with her affection for Enhancement Shaman. Maybe I should wrap him in a bow?

Hello Tauren is about to eat some cake!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Hunter

I love solo questing on my hunter: just my pet and I traversing the country, mountains and shores, and exploring the land. Sometimes we stumble upon a village and someone flags us down asking very humbly for our help. You see they just need 12 more Honey Buns and 8 Bear Claws to complete their village feast but can’t do it themselves. In exchange for a bit of gold could I please go collect those tasty cakes?
Well sure – happy to help especially when there are pastries involved.

Okay – the Honey Buns are in those bee hives just in those trees and you collect the Bear  Claws from those beasts that are just sniffing around for the honey.

When you say, “collect the bear claws”, do you mean….

Maybe you just need to tickle them with that gun of yours? Oh and only 30% of the bear will have claws and roughly 50% of the hives have honey buns but you have to check them all.

…. 10 minutes later and drenched in sweat and slightly sticky…

Thank you – here is the gold I promised! Turns out there are some folks that are allergic to bear so why don’t you take the claws with you to enjoy.

And so on and so forth. Collecting and skinning and riding and flying and killing everything I see. Sometimes after hard boss mechanics and chain heroics I just like to click on things and shoot and not have to worry about my positioning or killing my friends.

It’s a good life really – being at one with the environment and my trusted companion by my side. I get a little bit of gold, some food for my pet and satisfaction of helping folks. Then I move on to the next bit of green pasture or fly over to the next mountain summit. If I see a cave I like to go in and check it out – you never know when someone might be stuck inside and need an escort out.

Monday, August 16, 2010

10 Out of 12 Ain't Bad

We are now 10/12 of ICC!   The Dreamwalker fight is crazy – thank goodness for excellent healers, we managed to squeak it out on the 3rd or 4th attempt with a few players alive.  Woohoo to everyone!!! 

For an epic fight, it doesn't really lend itself for a robust screen shot.  Here's a glowing box that Link would enjoy.



 That's a big one.

I had read before how annoying the dialogue for the Sindragosa fight was and wasn’t looking forward to being irritated with long soliloquies.  She’s not nearly annoying as Lady Deathwhisper who talks for 3 or 4 minutes.  I do wonder how many times the voice actor had to record “BETRAAAIYS YOU” to get that perfect screech of desperation. If all she does is yell like that it's no wonder Malygos hangs out way over in Borean Tundra - nag much?
Phase 1 and 2 were okay.  Sometimes the ice tombs were burned down too quickly or not quick enough.  Phase 3…oh boy.  Phase 3 gave me some problems.  I honestly thought I understood it:  target ice tombs, wait until the debuff falls off and target Sindragosa when you can.  Hmm.  I got confused on how the debuff worked.  I thought I had to wait until it cleared in order to kill the ice tombs, and I thought I had to be out of her LoS in order for it to fall off.  So I stood behind ice tombs targeting Sindragosa until the buff wore off - oddly enough, it kept restacking.  My actions and thoughts do not make sense, I know. 

Lots of things were asked after the wipes:

“What’s happening here?”
“Is ranged targeting the ice tombs?”
“Does everyone understand this fight?”

Anyway – suffice to say that I did not understand this fight at first.  In the end I only targeted the ice tombs but it still was not fast enough.  I was happy when I got frozen because I didn't have to worry about targeting anything.

. Hee hee! No one will yell at me in here!*

When we called it for the evening I checked my recount just so I could prove that I was in fact targeting the ice tombs.

Hmmm……..well, I guess I think this hunter needs to go do some research and stop contributing to raid wipes.

Regardless, we are still 10/12 of ICC bosses and I am very proud of everyone who took part, played their best game and had fun.  We don't give our leaders enough credit for being able to do their job well plus watch out for everyone else - so thanks very much to BT and our tanks, Regis and Exec!  Sorry for standing in stuff and we'll get her next time!

*no one ever yells in The Zug Initiative - even when we run away from the healers and stroll through fires. 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dear Diary,

Saturday: 6:30AM

I'm up stupid early this morning for some reason and stared at the following MMO Champion Cataclysm update for a few seconds before it sunk in:

The new 310% Speed Flying Mount skill costs 5000 gold to train. People who already own a 310% flying mount get it for free. 

Whoa!  That is awesome for those that have done the raiding achievements or gotten very lucky in the past with drops and especially for those that did the Long Strange Trip achievement. I wonder if this means epic flying will be considerably reduced in the expansion or if it will be approximately 10,000g to get uberepic flying.

Sunday: 11:15AM

We've had a pretty great weekend so far. Friday night in ICC was fun - I got a chance to heal Blood Princes which was intense to say the least.  Roughly 80% of the fight I spent dangerously close to 0 - 2000 mana and the most welcome words became "All heals on Keleseth tank".  It took three (maybe 4) tries but we got them! I used Pacheco on the Plagueworks and Blood Queen - gotta chomp them all!

Yesterday afternoon I spent at a friends place sitting on their dock by the lake.  There were boat rides and large pitchers of sangria and chips - then met some folks for a last hurrah dinner at the Hungry Chili:  5 orders of hot numbing chicken, two chili beef, 1 hot and tangy pork and lettuce rolls - so delicious!  We're considering going back again today - well, I am at least.

It's a fantastically sunny Sunday and I don't have anywhere to be - my favourite type of Sunday.  I'm going to enjoy a leisurely afternoon with a little WoW, watching the Federer vs. Murray Rogers Final and maybe do a craft or two.

Tonight we're going back to ICC and tackle the dragons.  Oh. My. Goodness!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some Day My Orc Will Come

Poor Pacheco, always a bridesmaid and never a bride. He waits in front of Cairne Bloodhoof in his fancy dress and flowers waiting for a certain Orc to come up the elevator. With Manny as his best pet, the Mulgore birds chirping in the background and Arra'chea roasting over an open flame he just needs a groom to complete his dream wedding.

While I leave Pacheco to contemplate his own identity problems, in real life it’s our fourth wedding anniversary (hurrah!). Loads of people in the guild made the day fabulous for us: Darthregis, Brokentree, Morvis, Darthrosie, Unzymandus, Xanen and Bredarie. It’s hard to believe that I didn’t know Chawakanda during this time – seems like we’ve been fast friends forever!

We had loads of fun with our friends and family and I still think everyday about how sweet and lovely the wedding was thanks to the generosity and kindness of everyone.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello - I Love to Complain!

My last few (hundred) posts have been a bit too syrupy and I wanted to interject a little bit of darkness and bite into this sea of unicorns and double rainbows. I started drafting a post about a few particular things in WoW that rankle and irriate me.  Then those things that irked me exploded into a full rant exposing my vicious side and named names.  I didn’t want to read it later on and think I wish I hadn’t called them trash or I heard that made him cry.   

So I decided not to post it. Instead I’m going to do what I do best: coat everything with a sprinkling of sugary-sarcastic fairy dust.   

1.  Gear Score

Awesome! Your gear score is super high, thank you for telling me!  I hope that you are also a nice person and know how to play the game with others-Yes, I heard you the first time, you don’t need to repeat it – just please be a nice person-No, I don’t want to hear about that person’s score either…

 2.  "Huntard"

You know that language might be offensive to some – probably best not to use it at all.  Why am I cringing you ask?  Oh I was just looking at pictures of medical surgeries....and quietly judging you.
3.  Cataclysm Spoilery Blogs

I want to know about some things, but not everything – that’s why I’ve unsubscribed to some of your blogs.  I’ll return after the expansion.  Also, two months of one-sided-gloating-about-being-in-alpha-posts is not the best way to ingratiate your way back into the community after such a grand exit from the game.

4.  My Computer Chair

I would like a new one please.

In conclusion:

Also, check out this unicorn I made!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Raid Roundup!

Oh The Zug Initiative! You keep making me fall more and more in love with you all! 

This is us on Friday before trying out the +3 zerg which we had attempted a few months back. You can just taste the anxiousness and eagerness to get it done.
and then.....
Whee! The Zug Initiative of the Nightfall. Damn we look good!

Oh my! I DO look good!

And on Sunday night we got: The Crimson Hall achievement.
I don’t envy anyone who has to tank Keleseth. The dark nuclei are damn near impossible to target and once you’ve got them on you they are the only things you can target. V. Frustrating!

Directions were call on what to watch for and what to target – it’s quite helpful when there are a billion things happening at once. Thanks to everyone working together they went down on one go. It’s not an easy fight and I’m so relieved we jumped that hurdle.

We then pressed onto Blood Queen - Yikes!

The explanation (as I understood it) from Brokentree in a nutshell: Okay, so people need to stay away from each, but run to each other if you get a certain buff and you also need to run away when she’s in the air and bite people in the right order.

Wait, what? Bite them? Okay crazy raid leader!

The Blood Queen infects you with a curse and you have a little bit of time before it turns you into a bloodthirsty vampire doing 100% increased damage. Then you must bite your friends every 75 seconds to pass on the curse. I had a lot of fun inching toward people to chomp on them. It makes a pretty satisfying “SPLURNCH!” sound too!

This is hands down my new favourite fight.

 Hellooo down there!!!! (hello! hello! hello!))

Not my finest camera work....but at least the Archmage made an appearance. 

That's two new bosses crossed off the list. Yay! Can you guys believe that we are now 9/12 in ICC? It boggles the mind. We are sure to be Kingslayers in another few months!

A little later we held a private meeting of the four Taurens as made famous by the current Wayward Initiative banner. Chawakanda is choosing her next dance partner and I accept!

Keep up the great work everyone!  Looking forward to more adventures :)

Hello Tauren is bored at work.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wait! Come Back!

I've been working on my mage a lot for the past week.  She was wearing just about every shade of green you can imagine with low level enchants to boot.  Now she's got some Tier 9 and does more than 900 dps (yay!).

This means that I've been doing a lot of LFD.  I've been in loads of bitchy groups of people complaining that they died and that there wasn't enough dps.  Rogues ninja'ing on caster trinkets (grrrrrr). Tanks that want to Boomkin Tank (ps - that does not work for CoS) and tanks that just don't want to wait for anyone - including the healer.   But it's hasn't been all bad.  I've been in a few really nice groups. There was a Violet Hold run a few days ago where two people in the group were engaged and I thought that was so nice.  Plus they were both really funny.

This morning I queued rather early (5AM server time) and was surprised that I got a group within 5 minutes.  After we did ToC a few folks wanted to requeue and we did for UP then for VH and further for OK.  They were really friendly and it made getting a group all the more faster.

After the fourth dungeon and queuing for a fifth slowly all the party members dropped out without saying goodbye. Ah well, that is the nature of the LFD - people come and go.  I wish that I had at least got a chance to thank them so I'll do it here.

To Froost, Rangdipkin of Hellscream and Flashinhealz of Stormreaver: thanks for making my morning fun and being friendly.  You guys helped me get a ton of badges very quickly and we all know that can be a challenge for dps.  Good luck to you guys and have a great day!