Friday, July 30, 2010

Summertime and the Raiding Ain’t Easy

Currently, our guild is enjoying some summer time relaxation in and out of WoW.    People are levelling/gearing up alts, trying out new class roles or just going on vacation or a well-deserved Wow-break.   I'm not complaining - it's nice for everyone to just dabble during these warm summery days and it forces us to get creative when we want to do a 10-man.  Sometimes it works (hello Flame Leviathan!) and sometimes it doesn't (boo Festergut!) however, we still have fun because we can laugh on Vent or in game.


I'm still trying to get my head around Death Knight tanking.  All of the numbers and the abbreviations make my head spin.  Plus, it doesn't help that I giggle every time I read "rune power dump".  (Teehee!)  I'm not convinced that my play style is conducive to DK's since I hardly ever look at my runic power bar plus I can't seem to gather a lot of threat quickly despite the suggestions I've received.   It seems that I'm constantly waiting for cool downs just at the moment where I lose aggro.  For now I think that it's a matter of practicing as much as the guild will tolerate so that I can get comfortable with the priority system and my bars.


It's a long weekend here (yahoo!) and even the fog and the overcast clouds outside can't damper my spirit! There's a transaction closing today at work which means leaving early might not be in the cards despite how much I bat my lashes.  Ah well – I'm looking forward to the WoW, dinner with friends and a wedding that's going to pack the next few days.


We've had an awesome couple of days with Regis and Chawa: long drives in the countryside, blatant disregard for our livers, loads of catching up plus we've got one more dinner planned with them.  I am going to be sad to say goodbye tomorrow – they are such a laugh!  However, knowing that I'll "see" them online on Sunday makes it a teensy bit easier to let them go. /tear


Happy Friday to all and I hope that you have a terrific weekend regardless of how long it is!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Yay Friday!!

I didn’t do a Friday recap last week because it turned out to be a little dreary and it was a slow weekend. However, I did draw a really fantastic unicorn and the self-satisfaction lasted straight through to Sunday. The secret to happiness is taking immense pleasure in the little things – at least it is for me! Maybe I’ll post it sometime so you too can be in awe of my ability to copy a “How to Draw” diagram from the internet.

BUT! This weekend is something entirely different!

1. First off it’s a bi-weekly dinner with friends tonight! We try to get together every two weeks to have a drink, a laugh and a meal. It’s fun – especially when we don’t go to the Rogue’s Roost. I’ve tried and tried to find something on the menu that I enjoy and the quesadilla is the most edible. At least the company and the beer selection are good because their fries are gross.

2. Friday nights are raid nights and the weekly is Flame Leviathan. Awesome! This is an excellent quest during the summer where guilds might be taking a break or down a tank or two.

And now for the most important part…..

Our awesome friends from The Wayward Initiative are in town! I haven’t seen them in like FOR.EVER!!!! I can’t wait to give squeezes to everyone’s favourite troll-mage/Tauren-Druid/race class, Regis and the lovely and gracious Chawa. Wait until they see my Tauren dance! Ho! Ho! Ho! Hee! Hee! Hee!

Chawa has requested pancakes for breakfast on Sunday. I love a girl that’s forward with her carbs. You’ll get pancakes my dear, oh yes, right in the kisser! (‘Cuz you know, that’s where you put pancakes). Pancakes topped with cupcakes with a side of paddy cakes. Oddly enough they did not request bacon. Maybe they know it’s a given. Note to self: break out the good bacon – the company bacon.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend – here is a picture I took out of my boss’s office. It’s pretty and sunny and makes me happy to work by the water – not that I’m able to stroll out there, something to do about security and compiling with anti-terrorist laws. Still – it’s a nice view and sometimes little boats float by making us wish that we were having a leisurely sail in the sun.

Hello Tauren is very happy!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Double XP

From time to time I like to look at the Art of M. S. Corley.  Early last year he did a series of reimagined Harry Potter books as Penguin classics and they are fantastic (as in frame them for my wall fantastic).   I just went to his funny side project called Double XP, a comic strip about video games.   I think that you'll get a chuckle or three.


Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Clicked Frost Presence, What More Do You Want?

This is a tale of Gov, the Death Knight that could. It’s also a tale about doing things wrong so that I could eventually do them right. Let’s begin, shall we?

A long time ago Gov turned 80. It was easy to blow through all the content, bypass the quest upgrades in favour of Heirloom pieces and Death Grip my way to the top. The first thing I did at 80 was to respec to add to our short list of tanks in the guild.

I led a group into an easy run of UK. They were over geared and as long as I kept aggro we were fine. The altish group in Halls of Lightning was a different story. I didn’t stand a chance against Loken and we were not able to finish. As we were trying to figure out what happened [Enhancement Shaman] asked, what is your defence rating?

D-fence? I dunno – 374 or something? What, why are you covering your face with your hand?

That’s when I learned that no matter what kind of plate armour they’re wearing, some tanks need defence. Hey my only other tank experience has been as a druid – our best defence is an actual bear-fence. But it’s quite important and that’s when I went on a one Death Knight quest to reach a defence rating of 535 so that I wouldn’t embarrass myself. A few months, quests, rep grinds later together with sneaking him into an alt raid and I’m at 544. Whee!

Then I found out what else I was missing: a proper tank spec. My usual MO is to spec first and ask questions later. Turns out the cookie cutter one I googled back in January was not up to snuff or up to tanking. Well that’s easy to fix – pick a colour, red, blue or green and make yourself a tank. I was Frost but switched to Blood for no reason at all (cough, cough, Badwolf, cough).

Frost Presence alone, does not a tank make

Now that I’ve got the base stats down and a tighter spec next comes the practical part. This involves the grind for emblems and gear, dragging guildmates through low-end instances and developing the sixth sense of situational awareness that all the great tanks seem to have.

In fact, that’s what I’ve been trying to think about while going through this process. When someone gets aggro or a pull gets a little messy I think, what would Executrix, Maggotbrain or Regis do? Those are the tanks that I look up to and I’ve spent almost my entire WoW life happily following them around because they make it look so easy! Since WWEMORD looks a little clunky on a bracelet I just keep this in mind: those guys would take care of fraking business and wrangle all the mobs back in their control.

What does the future hold for Gov? I have always had high hopes for him and picture him taking down the Lich King and triumphantly lifting Frostmourne into his possession. Okay, maybe we could start him in Naxx or ToC before skipping to Ice Crown Citadel but I’m putting it out there – I think I want to tank!

I simply adore playing an Orc. Maybe it’s the plate armour or his evil laugh or those (sigh) hulking muscles but I find that myself wanting to be a little more reckless with him. He can definitely take the damage and I love when he does his war cry animation. Hey, every girl likes a bad boy once in a while, right? Sometimes Pacheco is just too Mr. Nice Guy.

Hmm, what was I saying? Yeah, this post sort of got away from me…

Monday, July 12, 2010

Found you!!

Sometimes, when we don't feel like tearing through instances or giving ICC what for we venture into older raids to experience content that we missed while it was new.

Over the weekend we took on Zul-Aman.  Oh how it would have been so epic back in the day! If you were among the lucky millions that saw this at the height of it's glory I salute you.  I'm also super jealous of your mount!

While we were there we found out the truth to the origins of everyone's favourite cuddly bear blogger, BBB:

That's right - I found out your secret sir!  You might masquerade as a nice guy from the Midwest, but now we know that you are everyone's favourite Amani Troll leader, Zul'jin.

Here's proof:

 Happy Monday folks! 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Internet is Made of Rainbows

I'm only human.  And because of that sometimes I like to entertain myself with LoLCats, videos of cats being cute and cats pretending to be human.  It doesn't take a lot to make me happy and fortunately the LoLCats are really dumb.

Then there is the mighty rainbow.  Shhh.  Don't speak.  Let this gentleman show you how to enjoy the fuck out of a rainbow:

Now that you've seen that.  Watch this auto-tune version.  Auto-tune is also a very simple way to make me laugh.  I can't help it - I'm only human.

I know right!  It's awesome!  Honestly, if I had an auto-tune mic, I would sing so many songs about things that made me happy.  Like candy and sparkles!  If I awoke to a table laden with pastries and bacon, I would probably start to cry out of sheer joy just as Yosemitebear did...and then I would auto-tune the hell out of it.

Oh yeeeeaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Guess Who's Happy?

Oh sweet, sweet weekend! You are only a few hours away!  We've enjoyed a few sweltering hot days and as I look out the office window I see can hazy blue skies over the harbour and the bright blazing sun bouncing off roof and car tops.  Its 28C (38C with humidity) so we're looking at one gorgeous day in the city!

I am so asking to leave early this afternoon!

Other weekend plans include, but are not limited to:

1.      Dinner at the Hungry Chilli, our favourite Schezwan restaurant.  We first had dinner here years ago with our friends, BT and Morvis and since we've moved downtown we go almost once a week.  We always have to get the hot and numbing chicken, a stir-fry with schezwan peppercorns, vegetables and cashews.   Let me tell you, the dish lives up to its name.  First the heat from the dish sears your mouth and about halfway through the meal the numbing zing reaches your lips.  It's delicious! Last time we asked for the heat to be ramped up and it was murderous but so tasty.

2.      Raiding with the Guild: It's always a fun when we get together and we've got a great group signed up for this evening!  I believe our plan is to start at Prof. Putricide and then on to Blood Princes. I know that we can do this fight.  We have the strategy down and people know what they are supposed to do.  My job is to collect the orbs and tank Kelethes.  I wish it were as simple as that – but I think we'll get them down tonight.  I have a few more macros and a bit more health.  If anyone has done this fight I am open to suggestions! 

3.      Trip to the Farmers Market tomorrow.  To stock up on our eggs, bacon and what ever produce looks good.  Also for cinnamon buns, coffee and samosas for weekend treats. 

A weekend full of food and a bit or WoW here and there – how can I complain?  It's going to be a lovely day and we are promised some rain which will help with the humidity.  There's only a few more hours until I see [Enhancement Shaman] walk through our front door and we just had pizza delivered to the office for lunch.  All in all life is good!

I hope you guys all have an excellent weekend!

Hello Tauren bursts into dance.

EDIT:  Oh yeah, and this too:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New changes to Hello Tauren today! PS: I love you

The other day I found out something amazing: my number of followers in Google Reader is now in the double digits!  Can you imagine that?!!  I am thrilled and tickled every of shade of pink. Thank you very much for visiting and thank you for subscribing! 

You’ll see something new on the left hand side – that’s right, I’m putting my email right out there for you to see.  My Read ID name isn’t Hello Tauren in case you were thinking you might Google me and dig up some dirt.  I already tried that - apparently I’m very big in the Harry Potter fan fiction community. What?!

Feel free to use that address to send any questions or ideas or comments.  I simply adore email.

Then there is Twitter!  Whee! Twitter!  I haven’t logged into my personal Twitter account for well over 5-6 months so I’m not sure where this will go.  But I didn’t want any other Hello Taurens to get their mitts on my handle.  Plus I might say something funny during the day – you never know!

Any hoos – thank you again for reading or skimming or marking as read in your RSS Feeders.  I’m genuinely flattered and if I knew all your home addresses and names and Social Insurance Numbers I would send you all delicious cupcakes.

Hello Tauren! thanks everyone around her.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rabble. Rabble. Rabble.

Nothing unites the WoW Community quite like the idea of change.

That's a 900+ page resounding roar against having real first and last names shown to the public every time someone posts on the forums.  It's an interesting change to implement and I have a feeling its about social control. If my name goes up on something public, I usually want to make sure it's good (this blog notwithstanding).   It's easy to call someone names or be an idiot when you can hide behind your character icon.  Maybe that will be next - our real pictures beside our real names!  Blizzard would rather us police ourselves rather than trawl through the cesspool of chatter.

Without stirring the pot too much, has anyone actually found out anything useful on the WoW Forums?  I go there from time to time and skim through the topics and not once have I come away thinking, Golly, I learned something new today; I'm really glad I visited the WoW Forums. It's usually more along the lines of Damn. People are bitches. I go on the assumption that anyone who posts anything on there now does not mind being called names or having their innocent post about looking for a guild turned into something related to how many objects can be placed in your behind.  It's doubtful that it will cut down on trolling, but we can hope that having their names public will at least force them use wit and sarcasm properly.

Just a few months ago the entire Facebook community revolted because of their privacy settings being like a sieve resulting in people deleting their accounts left and right. It will be interesting to see how Blizzard takes the public reaction and works to appease the masses.  Hey - it worked that one time we asked for more pet slots, right?

I guess what I'm really trying to say is, why waste all this time on Real ID when they could be working to give us all more slots in Cataclysm? amiright? imright.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Being Canadian

Being Canadian isn't all sunshine and rainbows.  It's tough to roll your eyes at incompetence and then apologize to the person because they are obviously having a rough day. But it's our nature to just shrug everything off and go about our day in a way that does not cause or attract any drama in any way.

Then, when you are home alone you can let it all hang loose by making a list of all those folks you would like to give a boot to the head.  Of course we would never actually boot someone in the head - that's very impolite. Sometimes we blurt out those awesome comebacks to our reflection while brushing our teeth.

Oh yeah? Well I had sex with your wife!

Sometimes those comebacks don't work so well in real life.  So we have to rely on professional writers and make-believe situations where people have the balls to say exactly what is on their mind with perfect timing and execution (and without shaking, tears streaming down their face, or bursting into fits of laughter).

Here is a video montage from Nerd Bastards of people STICKING it to other people.  It's NSFW, but since this is a holiday in Canada turn up the volume!  Whee!

Cataclysm: Now With More Seagulls

MMO Champion put up a whole wack of models and they look pretty awesome! 

Behold! The most terrifying end game boss since Ragnaros!

The Mighty Seagull!

Why does Blizzard think that they need to include seagulls?  Is there a raid that takes place in an epic garbage dump? Unless these are the new druid flight forms I don't care and will not notice a seagull. Next to the Deepholm Dragon, Neptulon and the Leviathan this looks pretty underwhelming.  But I'll give them credit - it does look like a seagull.

Troll Druid Forms:

Just. Look. At. Them.
They are awesome and I want one. The wild hair colours, the vibrant markings, the belts! They remind of something else.....what was it....

oh yeah!



Just think of what the tree forms would have looked like if they weren't taking them away.

Wishing you all a very happy Canada Day and July 4th weekend!  We're off to NB to visit family, cuddle nieces and celebrate [Enhancement Shaman]'s recent achievement:

May all your bbq's be bountiful and all your desserts be flag shaped featuring strawberries and whipped cream (and blueberries, if you are American).