Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thank You Server Maintenance

There are upsides to having a 24-hour lockout on your server – the restart! Tamed at 7:08AM – he was just there when I logged into the spawn site – oh happy day!

Being back in Beast Master is kind of like slipping into a pair of very comfortable old shoes or that summer skirt that makes you look thin. You just feel like, you’re back baby!

Now this guy needs a name. Any suggestions? All UK television references are welcome!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Going Undercover

Every once in a while we're hear some grumbling that Blizzard favours the Horde but I don't know what they're talking about.

 Oh, that.

Well, one area where they do not favour us is traveling to the Alliance capitals.  We have to go there from time to time for achievements, such as the Midsummer festival, and it is very annoying.  For Horde to get to the Night Elf and Draenei islands we have to fly to Ashenvale and then up through Darkshore to catch the boats.  Hoping one is immediately available we sail to the cities and proceed to moving targets for everyone around.  The Night Elf capital fire is quite easy to get, however, in order to complete the Midsummer festival achievement we've got to get through the city to Teldrassil.  It's somewhat easy to make your way through, just very, very annoying.  

After corpse dragging my way through the insane mazes of Stormwind and Exodar (Ironforge was just a blur but that tram is very cool) and fighting off guards and players stopping me from getting to the flames I had to see if it was this difficult to get to our cities.

This morning I conducted a test.  That Draenei Death Knight I mentioned?  She became my little spy into the life and ways of the Alliance.  Once she serves my purposes she will eventually be deleted.

Delete. Delete.

Just a note before I begin, this isn't going to be a haha-nana-booboo to any readers who play Alliance.  I respect that you have chosen that faction and that you have just a strong of connection to it as I do Horde. Also if you have the willpower to play both sides equally, well that is awesome and muchos kudos!  Being level 58 and trying to get into the opposite faction's cities by yourself is clearly not a smart thing to do.  Also, I did this between 5:30AM and 7:30AM server time so that most certainly helped my journey. 

So let's begin!

Silvermoon City

Starting in the Eastern Plaguelands you have to run up north through the little portal and then go through the big Blood Elf gate into Ghostlands.

Getting the Silvemoon Flame did take three tries - but eventually:


Using my Death Gate I flew EPL to Western Plaguelands and into Tirisfal Glade.  There were no guards outside of Undercity.  I mean no guards at all.  Surely we could spare one bag of bones to look after things for us or at least sound the alarm. I collected the flame no problem. 


Okay, Orgrimmar did give me some problems but that's because Orcs rule and the blood lust that courses through them makes them thirst for my death.  I heard many war cries but after 4 (maybe 5) tries I made it to the fire.  

 Yeowch already!


Thunderbluff was my concern.  I didn't want my beloved brethren hate me so.  Luckily it was almost as easy as Undercity and to prevent the Taurens from taking a life, I sacrificed myself off the bluff instead.

 I just need to stick this landing...

A quick trip back "home" and there you go - it is dead easy to get into our cities.  You don't have to go too far out of your way, you can take a boat if you like but you don't need a train.  Perhaps EPL to SMC is going to be your longest run and if you are level 80 you'll have an even easier time getting through the capitals. So now I do not feel any pity toward the Alliance if they make it to our cities.  Frankly we don't put up much of a challenge and it takes little to no effort to travel to them. 

Other observations:

Did you know that the the Alliance can just traipse through the Hillsbrad farms without any concern?  The farmers, the blacksmiths, the miners and the councilman don't mind you walking around at all.  I've fought in the war against Hillsbrad so many times it was so novel to walk amongst them. 

 I can haz skull?

In Mulgore I was delighted to see Ahab Wheathoof is friendly towards Alliance and he also speaks common.  I would have been sad if he was hostile toward me. 

While they cannot do the quest to help him find his dog. He does speak [Common] so the Alliance can at least have some interaction with him.  I thought that was very sweet.

This level 80 blood elf took the time to remind me that I was on a PvP server.  Thank Jssavior!

Playing Alliance is like living in Bizzaro world.  All my favourite people hate me and I cannot visit any of my home cities.  The architecture, for the most part, seems almost foreign.  I like the Horde huts which have obviously constructed from organic (or what used to be organic) materials compared to the gray white glare of Stormwind.   While flight masters, bar tenders, trainers, points of interest are the same it felt very alien for them to speak to me instead of chasing me or pummeling me with their fists.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Good News Everyone!

Hello Tauren! has come online


Real ID and the new chat interface are kind of neat.  It lets me communicate with the exact same people in almost the exact same way as before only different!  Compartmentalizing the conversations is cool.  I can put Guild Chat in one window and any other conversations into another.  If there is a way to see notifications that new guild chat has happened I don't know about it, last night I missed out on whole minutes (!) of conversations because I was only tuned into the party chat.  Not that it was bad thing – I mean it was a party after all.


Before you add someone to Real ID you must also trust him or her in real life.  After you ask yourself those big questions (would I let them take care of my child; would I share secrets with them; would I share my chips with them), all you need is their email address.  If they can say the same about you your Real ID friend will accept and from there you will see them WHENEVER THEY LOG IN regardless of where they are (server/faction/Blizzard Entertainment wise – not sitting in their living room pantsless-wise). 


It's a great little feature because now you can't hide from me!!!!!!muhahahalaughingmanically.  No more stealth logging just to see how long until Wintergrasp.  No more secret alts that are in top server raiding guilds.  No more clandestine trysts with that Draenei Death Knight (I swear – I only made her as a placeholder in case I want to see the Worgen starting zones). 
The only drawback of the little bleep-bloop notification system is that we are a guild of altaholics.  Everyone has at least two or three (or 10) characters they use consistently which leads to a lot of logging off and on.  Last night I logged into my hunter, my druid, and my mage, back to my hunter and then again on my druid.  That's a lot of "X has logged out" and "X has logged in" chiming for my friends to see and hear so I apologize in advance for the toon hopping that is yet to come.


In other (good) news, The Zug Initiative conquered Professor Putricide in what is to be the first of many kills to come.  This felt good: teamwork, implementing new strategies, practicing old ones and then watching the boss fall.  It was only marred by the fact that [Enhancement Shaman] had to work on Sunday evening and I didn't get to celebrate the victory with him.


And this kill is very timely because even better [Good] News Everyone!!!!: 

Futurama starts tonight! Which is good!

But it's on Comedy Central and not airing in Canada! Which is bad.

But we have the internet! Which is good!

But we're not supposed to watch TV like that! Which is horseshit.


Hello Tauren! has gone offline