Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Cast: Aspect of the..oh Never Mind!

While I am still undecided if I like Marksmanship, I do like the mana management aspect.  Last night in Ulduar I spent very little time in Aspect of the Viper.  I thought the loss of Hunting Party would cause issues, but viper sting + chimera shot did the trick and topped me up very quickly.  It's become a habit to switch aspects as soon as mobs are down for a few seconds of mana regen in between pulls, but after a while I didn't need to do it as often and maybe once during a boss fight.
So the jury is still out and many times through the evening I thought, frak this spec, I'm changing back to Survival as soon as we finish.  By the time we got to Hodir I was getting comfortable in my zombie-like trance of spamming every single button and I was starting to warm up to it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


A while back I tooted by Survival Hunter horn loudly and proudly and soon thereafter I started hearing noise that Marksmanship was the new specialization of choice.  For hunters (in ICC gear) MM was doing slightly higher damage than SV and I wanted to see for myself if it would make any difference as someone who is geared in mainly badge gear.  So I switched and here are some of my observations.

First off, things I miss about Survival:

EVERYTHING.  No Lock and Load, no Explosive Shot, no Master Tactician, no Replenishment, no Sniper Training.  How can I do continuous, deadly damage without these buffs and procs? 

Things I like about Marksman: 

·        I don’t have to worry about any of the above.  MM is a pretty easy spec to play.  Press any button as soon as it becomes available.  There is a shot priority but once you apply your sting and refresh with chimera shot as it comes off cool down, you can choose from a variety of shots.  

·        There is a nice silencing shot that will surely come in handy for PvP and will be rendered useless against most bosses. 

·        There is a Refresh All Abilities now button which is very nice to have on fights to give you an extra Rapid Fire and/or Kill Shot.

·        Arcane shot is back!  I missed it!  Plus, Chimera Shot does a lot of interesting things AND has a pink icon so I notice it more than others.

·        I can…run around?  Not having to stand still for Sniper Training makes me feel liberated to move freely.  Unfortunately I have an almost uncanny ability to run in the opposite direction of any healer around me – so perhaps staying put is still a good idea.

·        It’s easy…wait did I already say that?

What remained the same?  Oh my pet is dead/not summoned? Sorry, didn’t notice.

So far I’ve only done a few heroic dungeons and the results are reasonable.  In Forge of Souls I was doing roughly 3200-3400 dps with this spec while in SV I think I was doing something in the range of 3700-3900.  Still, these are just numbers and the point is to have fun, get some badges and possibly achievements, not to beat out other hunters or (shudder) those pesky arcane mages. 

I can’t speak for a MM hunter in end game gear but I found it does just as good if only slightly lower dps than SV in high-end heroic dungeons.  While the guild is not concerned about damage metres, I have mixed feelings about taking this spec into a Raid when I know SV will yield higher dps and, more importantly, I’m more comfortable with the shots and flow of that spec.  I tend to panic easily – even when my only job is to stand there and shoot.  However, it is good to step out of those comfort zones once in a while and what better way to learn how to play than in a high-pressure situation?  For now it's something new, easy to manage and looks like it will be a lot of fun for PvP.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Tale of Valor

There are many the quests in Warcraft that I always like to do either for reward reasons or for lore reasons.  Two of my favorites, The Hero of the Mag'har chain and The Battle for Undercity, not only are amazing lore stories but also manage to get Thrall to leave his throne.

One quest that I always like to do when I have time is the Tale of Valor quest chain from Tirion Fordring in Crusaders Pinnacle.  Tirion asks you to find Crusader Bridenbrad  who he fears has succumbed to the Lich King's plague.  Traveling to the snowy peaks of Icecrown you find Bridenbrad barely alive and, as Tirion suspects, infected with the plague. Tirion is determined to save him and sends you all over Azeroth and Outland to ask for help: Keeper Romulus, Alexstraza and A'dal. All offer their most powerful spells for our dying paladin but none can fully cleanse him of the blight. As death is inevitable, A'dal appears by our hero's side.  He promises him a peaceful death and as he ascends to the sky A'dal assures you that the crusader "shall only taste paradise".

After all the non-stop violence, death, bloodshed and gore it is very refreshing and comforting to truly save someone.  In a land where death can mean undeath seeing him lifted up into the heavens always makes me happy.

Take whatever religious meaning you like from the Narru's - their blinding white light, telepathy and calming music that fills you when they are near.  They represent one of the higher beings in WoW and,I find it reassuring to remember they are around. 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

5th Time's the Charm

Considerably the easiest of all the toons to power level to 80 (and I appreciate that he started at 55).  I didn't know that I would enjoy playing an orc so much!

Various Misc.

Things I've tried to start blog topics on but I got distr…cookies are done!


Gov: I got my fifth character to 80 – hooray!  Now to promptly ignore him! No-no, I'm going to try to make him my tank (yeah, right).   I did a basic frost spec and now all I have to do is actually step up to the pla – you know what, I'm not even going to say it.


PS – does anyone know how to DK tank?


Blogs: This post from Roguewind Rants made me smile.  I like when people love their class so much they stick it in your face and make you wear it like a hat (what?). 


Lore: I had to skip to the end of the "War of the Ancients" trilogy because I could not take Richard Knaak's writing any longer.    To save you the trouble – here are some spoilers:


The dragon aspects fall all over themselves because they are oh so old and dragony.  Illidan gets imprisoned "for ten thousand years".  A cool orc dies. Rhonin gets back to Varessa and zee babies. The Night Elves remain jerky.


Bored: I'm bored with people saying they are bored with WoW.   Is it fun to be challenged?  Of course!  Do you have to be challenged to have fun?  I hope not – because I don't think this is the game for you. There are loads of fun and funny things to do in the game! Level an alt and try not to be so concerned about the level of difficulty or the changes Blizzard has made.  Otherwise, please leave and we'll look forward to ignoring your same complaints the day after Cataclysm comes out.


(Wow – that was really saucy!  What I mean to say is: if you are bored and unhappy, why are you still playing?)


Class Roles: Everyone is important, mmkay?