Thursday, December 23, 2010

World of WowCrafts!!

Remember the other day when I mentioned I was working on a different kind of post?  Well the folks at are featuring me today on their World of WarCrafts column!  Go there for step by step instructions for the guild banner ornaments or click here for the post!

I want to thank them for being so nice to put it up before Christmas and I hope that it gets people thinking crafty thoughts over the holidays!   However, it would not have been possible without a gentle nudge from Chawakanda.  She submitted my post to their attention and I was very surprised when I received an email asking for me to contact them.  Thank you again darling!

I hope everyone has a terrific week getting prepared for the holidays. Once again I'm finding it difficult to juggle my desire to have all the Christmas work done and still play WoW.  Dang you expansion and your awesomeness!  (I'm just kidding, I could never stay mad at you, Cataclysm).  When I think about Santa coming in two days I can only hear Illidan telling me, "you are not prepared".  Okay Illidan I get it!  Back to wrapping and baking I go!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hello Tauren


  1. Congratulations! I do have to say that I'm a little surprised you aren't up there more often though. To back that up let me tell you a story; before I joined WOW (much less the guild), my wife and I were planning our wedding with J and B (okay, mostly B) pulling out these pictures of the gorgeous flowers they had seen at a wedding they had recently attended, all the while encouraging me to fold something similar for ours too. After looking at the pictures I should point out that I do some Origami, but I pale in comparison to what I saw there.

    This is wonderful news, and what a wonderful way to end a year!

    Happy Holidays,

  2. Thank you Buntz! Happy Happy Holidays to you too!