Thursday, December 9, 2010

Intro to WoW Archaeology: Extra Credit

As a tiny follow up from my previous intro to WoW Archaeology I have a few more observations to share:

1.    The fragments you collect will turn grey somewhere between 90-100 so you will not gain a skill point every time you find one.  However, you will still get 5 skill points when you solve a puzzle and make an artifact. So, 5 skill points for 25-35 fragments with an average of 3 fragments per dig means that you'll need to visit anywhere between 8-12 dig sites of the same race to solve one puzzle.  When we factor in travel time, air velocity and the position of the sun it will take you approximately FOREVER to get your skill up to 525.

In this regard it is probably better to save up all your artifacts until you hit 100 and then start solving.  So you might like to try that if you are just starting out.  I'm going to slow and steady route (since I have no choice right now).  Level and learn!

2.    You get some help.  After level 75 (or perhaps it's random) you'll dig up items like the Highborne Scrolls that count towards missing artifacts.  You can use these in the slots under the artifact counter which cuts down on the number of dig sites you have to visit.  Just click on the little hexagon and your scroll will automatically add in artifacts.  NOTE:  If you do not solve the puzzle at this time, the artifact is not used but will still remain in your bag.  You can only use 1 scroll per puzzle. 

3.     More digging = more sites.  An excavation site will not despawn until you find all 3 fragments.  In order to move around the map and collect different types of fragments you'll need to tackle sites currently active on the map.   This is random so you will find you're collecting a LOT of Night Elf fragments in Kalimdor (which makes sense) and loads of troll/dwarf fragments in Eastern Kingdoms.  Other than those three and the common archaeology fragments I have not encountered any other races.  Taurens, where are you?

My advice it to just hit the sites as it's convenient.  Only the artifacts you create and the scrolls you find will take up space in your inventory and fragments left over from one puzzle count toward your next project.  It's neat for the little story lines that are revealed to you piece by piece and insight into the different races such as Scandalous Silk Nightgown - Oh you saucy Night Elves!  


  1. Dear Hello Tauren,

    These posts are gems! I know that I'll be hopping back here when I finally get ready to start my own excavations!

  2. Dear Ms. Kanda,

    Thank you for your comment. I think that you are a gem!

    Hello Tauren