Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Friday! or Best. Trinket. Ever!

Tauren Hunter, all the way across the sky!

It’s no secret that Fridays and rainbows go hand in hand. They are both magical, send people into fits of joy and occasionally cause people to lose their minds out of happiness. I thought I would end this week with a non-archaeology related post and show you some Friday love!

The Rainbow Generator comes from a quest reward in Felwood. Talk to Arcanist Delaris and she will give you a few quests to do that leads to one called Open Their Eyes. I don’t want to give away too much about but it’s pretty cute! The drawback is that this trinket has a 10 minute cool down so you can’t continually blast your enemies away with awesomeness.  The Care Bears only had 1 Care Bear Stare per episode, so save it for when you truly need it.

I thought it would have been hilarious to use this on Arthas last week and surprise the guild but was too scared that it might distract and mess up a run. After 4 or 5 wipes sometimes you just need a little rainbow magic to help you along.

It’s a fabulously sunny and somewhat mild day for December 10 on the East Coast. I have a weekend planned for some Christmassy things, some baking and loads and loads of WoW playing and maybe watching Love, Actually a few hundred more times.


  1. You want a cute quest?

    Go level in Hyjal and throw a few bears out of trees.

    Chawa had to get me a paper bag. I was hyper-ventilating from too much laughter.

  2. Now we just need a trinket that turns the user into a unicorn!

  3. Unicorn nothing. I want something that makes us able to attack an opponent with Neil Patrick Harris wearing a care bear suit, riding a unicorn, who is in turn riding a gnome on a unicycle. If Blizzard doesn't bend to my will on this thing, then that obviously makes this game the wurst evar!