Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Killed Coren Direbrew 48 Times and All I Got Were 96 Lousy Frost Emblems…hic!

Well, Brewfest is now over and I think that I was very nearly the only player in the guild who only received 1 Brewfest mount.  I don't want to complain because I did indeed receive a mount, but not on the character collecting them. RNG gods why have you forsaken me!  Enhancement Shaman got a Kodo (what seems to have been) every time he opened up the keg and I would just shrug it off thinking, I'll get one this time.
Nope.  Not even a Tankard of Terror ca. 2009!  
Ah well.  
I did get really good at running the kegs though.  I think my personal record was 7 or 8 in one run – once I figured out how those apple barrels worked (hooray for reading quest text!).  
In the end I got the Brewmaster title on three more characters and joined Brew of the Month club again on Pacheco (because he was missing one of the drinks for some reason).  So it was not completely a dud event plus Brewfesht ish fun becaushe you get tipshy and shhmashed.
I'm really looking forward to Hallows End though – hands down one of my favourite events.  I think partly because you get loads of candy and mostly because you get TONS of candy!  I wish they would make the broom a perma-mount because I love riding around on one! Tee hee! Hallows End will always remind me of the day the Achievement System went live and the scourge invasion (and lets never forget the day they lost all of our mail).  It sort of felt like the new WoW and refreshed the game in a way.  Will we see something like it in the next few weeks?
I hope so!

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  1. You were robbed! /sends Blizz a ticket!

    I owe Brewfest for giving me a reason to level Maiwyn up to 78. Just so she would get her holiday achievement! And then, she got Lv80 trinkets which meant she had to level to 80!