Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Raid Roundup!

Oh The Zug Initiative! You keep making me fall more and more in love with you all! 

This is us on Friday before trying out the +3 zerg which we had attempted a few months back. You can just taste the anxiousness and eagerness to get it done.
and then.....
Whee! The Zug Initiative of the Nightfall. Damn we look good!

Oh my! I DO look good!

And on Sunday night we got: The Crimson Hall achievement.
I don’t envy anyone who has to tank Keleseth. The dark nuclei are damn near impossible to target and once you’ve got them on you they are the only things you can target. V. Frustrating!

Directions were call on what to watch for and what to target – it’s quite helpful when there are a billion things happening at once. Thanks to everyone working together they went down on one go. It’s not an easy fight and I’m so relieved we jumped that hurdle.

We then pressed onto Blood Queen - Yikes!

The explanation (as I understood it) from Brokentree in a nutshell: Okay, so people need to stay away from each, but run to each other if you get a certain buff and you also need to run away when she’s in the air and bite people in the right order.

Wait, what? Bite them? Okay crazy raid leader!

The Blood Queen infects you with a curse and you have a little bit of time before it turns you into a bloodthirsty vampire doing 100% increased damage. Then you must bite your friends every 75 seconds to pass on the curse. I had a lot of fun inching toward people to chomp on them. It makes a pretty satisfying “SPLURNCH!” sound too!

This is hands down my new favourite fight.

 Hellooo down there!!!! (hello! hello! hello!))

Not my finest camera work....but at least the Archmage made an appearance. 

That's two new bosses crossed off the list. Yay! Can you guys believe that we are now 9/12 in ICC? It boggles the mind. We are sure to be Kingslayers in another few months!

A little later we held a private meeting of the four Taurens as made famous by the current Wayward Initiative banner. Chawakanda is choosing her next dance partner and I accept!

Keep up the great work everyone!  Looking forward to more adventures :)

Hello Tauren is bored at work.

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  1. Oh! I've been outed as a shameless hussy!

    It's absolutely true! And absolutely necessary when dancing with the Blood Queen!

    Your blog post is making Halion nervous