Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Hunter

I love solo questing on my hunter: just my pet and I traversing the country, mountains and shores, and exploring the land. Sometimes we stumble upon a village and someone flags us down asking very humbly for our help. You see they just need 12 more Honey Buns and 8 Bear Claws to complete their village feast but can’t do it themselves. In exchange for a bit of gold could I please go collect those tasty cakes?
Well sure – happy to help especially when there are pastries involved.

Okay – the Honey Buns are in those bee hives just in those trees and you collect the Bear  Claws from those beasts that are just sniffing around for the honey.

When you say, “collect the bear claws”, do you mean….

Maybe you just need to tickle them with that gun of yours? Oh and only 30% of the bear will have claws and roughly 50% of the hives have honey buns but you have to check them all.

…. 10 minutes later and drenched in sweat and slightly sticky…

Thank you – here is the gold I promised! Turns out there are some folks that are allergic to bear so why don’t you take the claws with you to enjoy.

And so on and so forth. Collecting and skinning and riding and flying and killing everything I see. Sometimes after hard boss mechanics and chain heroics I just like to click on things and shoot and not have to worry about my positioning or killing my friends.

It’s a good life really – being at one with the environment and my trusted companion by my side. I get a little bit of gold, some food for my pet and satisfaction of helping folks. Then I move on to the next bit of green pasture or fly over to the next mountain summit. If I see a cave I like to go in and check it out – you never know when someone might be stuck inside and need an escort out.


  1. Grizzly Hills is my most-favourite spot for fishing.

  2. I've always enjoyed the music in Grizzly Hills. It's peaceful and slightly haunting.

    This was my pet, Asimo, who I tamed back in Feralas a long time ago. Alas - he had to make room for my spirit beast. We had one last adventure before we said farewell.