Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello - I Love to Complain!

My last few (hundred) posts have been a bit too syrupy and I wanted to interject a little bit of darkness and bite into this sea of unicorns and double rainbows. I started drafting a post about a few particular things in WoW that rankle and irriate me.  Then those things that irked me exploded into a full rant exposing my vicious side and named names.  I didn’t want to read it later on and think I wish I hadn’t called them trash or I heard that made him cry.   

So I decided not to post it. Instead I’m going to do what I do best: coat everything with a sprinkling of sugary-sarcastic fairy dust.   

1.  Gear Score

Awesome! Your gear score is super high, thank you for telling me!  I hope that you are also a nice person and know how to play the game with others-Yes, I heard you the first time, you don’t need to repeat it – just please be a nice person-No, I don’t want to hear about that person’s score either…

 2.  "Huntard"

You know that language might be offensive to some – probably best not to use it at all.  Why am I cringing you ask?  Oh I was just looking at pictures of medical surgeries....and quietly judging you.
3.  Cataclysm Spoilery Blogs

I want to know about some things, but not everything – that’s why I’ve unsubscribed to some of your blogs.  I’ll return after the expansion.  Also, two months of one-sided-gloating-about-being-in-alpha-posts is not the best way to ingratiate your way back into the community after such a grand exit from the game.

4.  My Computer Chair

I would like a new one please.

In conclusion:

Also, check out this unicorn I made!


  1. It's good to get such things (and unicorns) off your chest!