Wednesday, August 25, 2010


They are taking Volley away!  How dare they!  No more arrows falling out of my gun and no more competing with pesky mages and OP warlocks?  I say good day to you sir!




No, I guess I'm going to have to agree that this is an okay change and makes sense – we're not wizards or conjurers.  Our amazing and awe-worthy dps power comes from our ranged weapon and pet (not to mention good looks), not a mana pool or through some weird lore regarding dragons and mystics gettin' busy.  


I remember the day that I started using Volley regularly: during the scourge invasion before Wrath.  Fellow hunters and I would just misdirect onto our pets and scoop up all those nasty wraiths and giants and zombies.  Ever since I enjoy using it from time to most of the time when I'm feeling a teeeeeeeeeeeny bit lazy and also when there is a group of mobs deliciously close together – sometimes I can't resist!


Farewell volley, I used and misused you well!


  1. The next time we raid together, we should take a moment to stand by the downed boss and take a screenshot of us volleying together! :)