Monday, August 16, 2010

10 Out of 12 Ain't Bad

We are now 10/12 of ICC!   The Dreamwalker fight is crazy – thank goodness for excellent healers, we managed to squeak it out on the 3rd or 4th attempt with a few players alive.  Woohoo to everyone!!! 

For an epic fight, it doesn't really lend itself for a robust screen shot.  Here's a glowing box that Link would enjoy.



 That's a big one.

I had read before how annoying the dialogue for the Sindragosa fight was and wasn’t looking forward to being irritated with long soliloquies.  She’s not nearly annoying as Lady Deathwhisper who talks for 3 or 4 minutes.  I do wonder how many times the voice actor had to record “BETRAAAIYS YOU” to get that perfect screech of desperation. If all she does is yell like that it's no wonder Malygos hangs out way over in Borean Tundra - nag much?
Phase 1 and 2 were okay.  Sometimes the ice tombs were burned down too quickly or not quick enough.  Phase 3…oh boy.  Phase 3 gave me some problems.  I honestly thought I understood it:  target ice tombs, wait until the debuff falls off and target Sindragosa when you can.  Hmm.  I got confused on how the debuff worked.  I thought I had to wait until it cleared in order to kill the ice tombs, and I thought I had to be out of her LoS in order for it to fall off.  So I stood behind ice tombs targeting Sindragosa until the buff wore off - oddly enough, it kept restacking.  My actions and thoughts do not make sense, I know. 

Lots of things were asked after the wipes:

“What’s happening here?”
“Is ranged targeting the ice tombs?”
“Does everyone understand this fight?”

Anyway – suffice to say that I did not understand this fight at first.  In the end I only targeted the ice tombs but it still was not fast enough.  I was happy when I got frozen because I didn't have to worry about targeting anything.

. Hee hee! No one will yell at me in here!*

When we called it for the evening I checked my recount just so I could prove that I was in fact targeting the ice tombs.

Hmmm……..well, I guess I think this hunter needs to go do some research and stop contributing to raid wipes.

Regardless, we are still 10/12 of ICC bosses and I am very proud of everyone who took part, played their best game and had fun.  We don't give our leaders enough credit for being able to do their job well plus watch out for everyone else - so thanks very much to BT and our tanks, Regis and Exec!  Sorry for standing in stuff and we'll get her next time!

*no one ever yells in The Zug Initiative - even when we run away from the healers and stroll through fires. 


  1. This hunter is jealous of your beautiful pie chart! And you are not alone in your confusion about the mystic buffet. I too am a confused Tauren when it comes to that!

    However, isn't that a recount of the entire raid night? I'll have you know that on the last attempt, 18.9% of your total damage was on the ice cubes! So you were rocking it last night!

  2. Oh good - thanks! Yes, that is for the entire night so I suppose not quite an accurate reflection.

    I'm never one to turn down a buffet but that mystic one was ridiculous!

  3. Mystic buffet = Revenge of the Mana Strudel?

  4. Oh and I must say one more thing - the Ice tombs bring out Pacheco's eyes beautifully. What a handsome looking Tauren he is! <3