Friday, July 23, 2010

Yay Friday!!

I didn’t do a Friday recap last week because it turned out to be a little dreary and it was a slow weekend. However, I did draw a really fantastic unicorn and the self-satisfaction lasted straight through to Sunday. The secret to happiness is taking immense pleasure in the little things – at least it is for me! Maybe I’ll post it sometime so you too can be in awe of my ability to copy a “How to Draw” diagram from the internet.

BUT! This weekend is something entirely different!

1. First off it’s a bi-weekly dinner with friends tonight! We try to get together every two weeks to have a drink, a laugh and a meal. It’s fun – especially when we don’t go to the Rogue’s Roost. I’ve tried and tried to find something on the menu that I enjoy and the quesadilla is the most edible. At least the company and the beer selection are good because their fries are gross.

2. Friday nights are raid nights and the weekly is Flame Leviathan. Awesome! This is an excellent quest during the summer where guilds might be taking a break or down a tank or two.

And now for the most important part…..

Our awesome friends from The Wayward Initiative are in town! I haven’t seen them in like FOR.EVER!!!! I can’t wait to give squeezes to everyone’s favourite troll-mage/Tauren-Druid/race class, Regis and the lovely and gracious Chawa. Wait until they see my Tauren dance! Ho! Ho! Ho! Hee! Hee! Hee!

Chawa has requested pancakes for breakfast on Sunday. I love a girl that’s forward with her carbs. You’ll get pancakes my dear, oh yes, right in the kisser! (‘Cuz you know, that’s where you put pancakes). Pancakes topped with cupcakes with a side of paddy cakes. Oddly enough they did not request bacon. Maybe they know it’s a given. Note to self: break out the good bacon – the company bacon.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend – here is a picture I took out of my boss’s office. It’s pretty and sunny and makes me happy to work by the water – not that I’m able to stroll out there, something to do about security and compiling with anti-terrorist laws. Still – it’s a nice view and sometimes little boats float by making us wish that we were having a leisurely sail in the sun.

Hello Tauren is very happy!

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