Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rabble. Rabble. Rabble.

Nothing unites the WoW Community quite like the idea of change.

That's a 900+ page resounding roar against having real first and last names shown to the public every time someone posts on the forums.  It's an interesting change to implement and I have a feeling its about social control. If my name goes up on something public, I usually want to make sure it's good (this blog notwithstanding).   It's easy to call someone names or be an idiot when you can hide behind your character icon.  Maybe that will be next - our real pictures beside our real names!  Blizzard would rather us police ourselves rather than trawl through the cesspool of chatter.

Without stirring the pot too much, has anyone actually found out anything useful on the WoW Forums?  I go there from time to time and skim through the topics and not once have I come away thinking, Golly, I learned something new today; I'm really glad I visited the WoW Forums. It's usually more along the lines of Damn. People are bitches. I go on the assumption that anyone who posts anything on there now does not mind being called names or having their innocent post about looking for a guild turned into something related to how many objects can be placed in your behind.  It's doubtful that it will cut down on trolling, but we can hope that having their names public will at least force them use wit and sarcasm properly.

Just a few months ago the entire Facebook community revolted because of their privacy settings being like a sieve resulting in people deleting their accounts left and right. It will be interesting to see how Blizzard takes the public reaction and works to appease the masses.  Hey - it worked that one time we asked for more pet slots, right?

I guess what I'm really trying to say is, why waste all this time on Real ID when they could be working to give us all more slots in Cataclysm? amiright? imright.


  1. Yep! You're right. Every time people ask for anything, but heard most often when people ask for class specific quests to be brought back (5 years is long enough to finish Ravenholdt, amiright?) the answer is, "We could do that and benefit one class, or we could work on this other stuff for everyone." Well, clearly they're full of crap, because here they are working on crap nobody wants at all instead of more content for all classes. Ever since USA Today announced Blizzard had partnered with Facebook and were going to bring integration to Facebook using Real ID< I've been waiting for the results. And here we are... and it's bullshit.

  2. Yes, I have found actual useful information on the WoW Class Forums before - specifically, there is a great guide posted about Discipline PVP. I've also have visited the DK class forums for information. However, after the initial guide post, I don't bother reading the rest of the thread. Not quite how forums are meant to be used I concur however, I have found useful information there.

  3. Psst: Hasn't it been confirmed that we are getting more pet slots? From the latest Scattered Shots on --> "Hunters will have a stable of "inactive" pets that holds up to 20 different pets. Then we'll also have five "active" pets that we can swap out like we can now with Call Stabled Pet.

  4. @BBB: It’s us against Blizzard!! Who’s tanking?

  5. I stand corrected and apologize to anyone who posted those aforementioned guides! Come to think of it, during the Loremaster Achievement I did visit a helpful thread on the topic.

    Still, there is a lot of eye-rolling content to wade through.