Thursday, July 8, 2010

New changes to Hello Tauren today! PS: I love you

The other day I found out something amazing: my number of followers in Google Reader is now in the double digits!  Can you imagine that?!!  I am thrilled and tickled every of shade of pink. Thank you very much for visiting and thank you for subscribing! 

You’ll see something new on the left hand side – that’s right, I’m putting my email right out there for you to see.  My Read ID name isn’t Hello Tauren in case you were thinking you might Google me and dig up some dirt.  I already tried that - apparently I’m very big in the Harry Potter fan fiction community. What?!

Feel free to use that address to send any questions or ideas or comments.  I simply adore email.

Then there is Twitter!  Whee! Twitter!  I haven’t logged into my personal Twitter account for well over 5-6 months so I’m not sure where this will go.  But I didn’t want any other Hello Taurens to get their mitts on my handle.  Plus I might say something funny during the day – you never know!

Any hoos – thank you again for reading or skimming or marking as read in your RSS Feeders.  I’m genuinely flattered and if I knew all your home addresses and names and Social Insurance Numbers I would send you all delicious cupcakes.

Hello Tauren! thanks everyone around her.

1 comment:

  1. You've known my address for ages.

    Where's my damn cupcake!?!

    (Instead of sending it, you can just hand me one in about two weeks when Chawa and I invade your home.)