Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Clicked Frost Presence, What More Do You Want?

This is a tale of Gov, the Death Knight that could. It’s also a tale about doing things wrong so that I could eventually do them right. Let’s begin, shall we?

A long time ago Gov turned 80. It was easy to blow through all the content, bypass the quest upgrades in favour of Heirloom pieces and Death Grip my way to the top. The first thing I did at 80 was to respec to add to our short list of tanks in the guild.

I led a group into an easy run of UK. They were over geared and as long as I kept aggro we were fine. The altish group in Halls of Lightning was a different story. I didn’t stand a chance against Loken and we were not able to finish. As we were trying to figure out what happened [Enhancement Shaman] asked, what is your defence rating?

D-fence? I dunno – 374 or something? What, why are you covering your face with your hand?

That’s when I learned that no matter what kind of plate armour they’re wearing, some tanks need defence. Hey my only other tank experience has been as a druid – our best defence is an actual bear-fence. But it’s quite important and that’s when I went on a one Death Knight quest to reach a defence rating of 535 so that I wouldn’t embarrass myself. A few months, quests, rep grinds later together with sneaking him into an alt raid and I’m at 544. Whee!

Then I found out what else I was missing: a proper tank spec. My usual MO is to spec first and ask questions later. Turns out the cookie cutter one I googled back in January was not up to snuff or up to tanking. Well that’s easy to fix – pick a colour, red, blue or green and make yourself a tank. I was Frost but switched to Blood for no reason at all (cough, cough, Badwolf, cough).

Frost Presence alone, does not a tank make

Now that I’ve got the base stats down and a tighter spec next comes the practical part. This involves the grind for emblems and gear, dragging guildmates through low-end instances and developing the sixth sense of situational awareness that all the great tanks seem to have.

In fact, that’s what I’ve been trying to think about while going through this process. When someone gets aggro or a pull gets a little messy I think, what would Executrix, Maggotbrain or Regis do? Those are the tanks that I look up to and I’ve spent almost my entire WoW life happily following them around because they make it look so easy! Since WWEMORD looks a little clunky on a bracelet I just keep this in mind: those guys would take care of fraking business and wrangle all the mobs back in their control.

What does the future hold for Gov? I have always had high hopes for him and picture him taking down the Lich King and triumphantly lifting Frostmourne into his possession. Okay, maybe we could start him in Naxx or ToC before skipping to Ice Crown Citadel but I’m putting it out there – I think I want to tank!

I simply adore playing an Orc. Maybe it’s the plate armour or his evil laugh or those (sigh) hulking muscles but I find that myself wanting to be a little more reckless with him. He can definitely take the damage and I love when he does his war cry animation. Hey, every girl likes a bad boy once in a while, right? Sometimes Pacheco is just too Mr. Nice Guy.

Hmm, what was I saying? Yeah, this post sort of got away from me…


  1. I thought last night's run of reg PoS went perfectly! You picked up all the mobs very smoothly and not once did I see the need to ask WWEMORD. You made it look easy last night!

    I can only hope that when my DK becomes gown up she can tank as smoothly as you did last night.

  2. I usually curl up in a corner and cry.

  3. I usually just hit more buttons.

    Sometimes faster.

  4. Gotcha, crying and smashing buttons. That I can do.

  5. Actually, that's one of the adjustments with DK tanking. You want to hit more buttons but you have no runes.

    Unless the button that lets you all buttons is available. That's a good button.

  6. See this is why I DPS pressure at all, just killing.