Monday, July 12, 2010

Found you!!

Sometimes, when we don't feel like tearing through instances or giving ICC what for we venture into older raids to experience content that we missed while it was new.

Over the weekend we took on Zul-Aman.  Oh how it would have been so epic back in the day! If you were among the lucky millions that saw this at the height of it's glory I salute you.  I'm also super jealous of your mount!

While we were there we found out the truth to the origins of everyone's favourite cuddly bear blogger, BBB:

That's right - I found out your secret sir!  You might masquerade as a nice guy from the Midwest, but now we know that you are everyone's favourite Amani Troll leader, Zul'jin.

Here's proof:

 Happy Monday folks! 

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