Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cataclysm: Now With More Seagulls

MMO Champion put up a whole wack of models and they look pretty awesome! 

Behold! The most terrifying end game boss since Ragnaros!

The Mighty Seagull!

Why does Blizzard think that they need to include seagulls?  Is there a raid that takes place in an epic garbage dump? Unless these are the new druid flight forms I don't care and will not notice a seagull. Next to the Deepholm Dragon, Neptulon and the Leviathan this looks pretty underwhelming.  But I'll give them credit - it does look like a seagull.

Troll Druid Forms:

Just. Look. At. Them.
They are awesome and I want one. The wild hair colours, the vibrant markings, the belts! They remind of something else.....what was it....

oh yeah!



Just think of what the tree forms would have looked like if they weren't taking them away.

Wishing you all a very happy Canada Day and July 4th weekend!  We're off to NB to visit family, cuddle nieces and celebrate [Enhancement Shaman]'s recent achievement:

May all your bbq's be bountiful and all your desserts be flag shaped featuring strawberries and whipped cream (and blueberries, if you are American). 


  1. This is awesome awesome post and yes, I might have to reroll my druid now! :)

  2. Well ... seagulls have been described as the rats of the air, their numbers increasing in urban areas to be much higher densities (for want of a better word) than in non-urban areas.

    Maybe Bliz tried their best but just could not keep them away.

  3. That could be true Tsuds, perhaps I need to embrace the seagull...