Saturday, April 3, 2010

You No Take Egg!

Let's all pause to remember what this long weekend is all about: Noblegarden

After last year's mad dash for coloured eggs and the resounding QQ's heard around the world I don't think I'm ready to face another week of it on a different toon.

They. Are. Coloured. Eggs.

Blizzard created the holiday to make it enjoyable yet leave it to WoW players to exploit it and make it an exhausting event.  It's fun to hop around like a bunny to collect and lay eggs, wear bunny ears and carry an egg basket. Sitting in one spot hoarding the eggs as they spawn sort of takes that magic away plus it doesn't sound like fun.  I can appreciate that some players don't have the luxury of logging in 24 hours a day but is that your ideal way to spend a few hours?  Part of the fun soon becomes seeing how many eggs can be stolen right from under your nose!  At least for this bunny!

The eggs spawn as soon as one is collected so the egg campers have to rely on those of us who like to run around in order to get their fair stash.  

Regardless of how you decide to collect, I hope that you embrace the cute and cuddly spirit of the event and I wish you luck finding a female dwarf!


  1. Yeah, I really don't get people who sit in one spot and believe that entitles them to any eggs that spawn in that general area.

    Running around like toddlers on a sugar-high is clearly in keeping with the spirit of the event.

  2. I endured through this on one toon last year. I shall pass this year.
    Besides, I have a Warlock to pimp out!

    Children's Week, on the other hand. I have to do the PvP nonsense with that one. :P Booo!