Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool’s!

While it is our guild’s birthday, I did insert a little April Fools joke into the previous post and now that it’s noon I have to come clean.

You see, the aforementioned “Unnamed Elemental Shaman” is actually an Enhancement Shaman! Hahahahha! Oh the delicious hilarity!!!! Hee hee hee! WAAAAAAAAAAAhoohoo!!

Okay, it is indeed lame but I’m sure that it caused some nostril flaring, a crazily raised eyebrow and some facepalming directed at me. It was the best that I could do because I didn’t have time to put his stapler in Jell-O this morning (plus that’s a waste of Jell-O and I don’t think he owns a stapler).

Hopefully by now he has forgiven me, and not logged into my account to leave me naked on the Ogrimmar bank.

And if he has – can you please spare 1g?


  1. You just don't joke about those sort of things, Pach. :O

    (It makes Thrall sad!)

  2. OMG - stapler in jello? If only I hadn't left my emergency jello mix at home today!