Thursday, February 18, 2010


A while back I tooted by Survival Hunter horn loudly and proudly and soon thereafter I started hearing noise that Marksmanship was the new specialization of choice.  For hunters (in ICC gear) MM was doing slightly higher damage than SV and I wanted to see for myself if it would make any difference as someone who is geared in mainly badge gear.  So I switched and here are some of my observations.

First off, things I miss about Survival:

EVERYTHING.  No Lock and Load, no Explosive Shot, no Master Tactician, no Replenishment, no Sniper Training.  How can I do continuous, deadly damage without these buffs and procs? 

Things I like about Marksman: 

·        I don’t have to worry about any of the above.  MM is a pretty easy spec to play.  Press any button as soon as it becomes available.  There is a shot priority but once you apply your sting and refresh with chimera shot as it comes off cool down, you can choose from a variety of shots.  

·        There is a nice silencing shot that will surely come in handy for PvP and will be rendered useless against most bosses. 

·        There is a Refresh All Abilities now button which is very nice to have on fights to give you an extra Rapid Fire and/or Kill Shot.

·        Arcane shot is back!  I missed it!  Plus, Chimera Shot does a lot of interesting things AND has a pink icon so I notice it more than others.

·        I can…run around?  Not having to stand still for Sniper Training makes me feel liberated to move freely.  Unfortunately I have an almost uncanny ability to run in the opposite direction of any healer around me – so perhaps staying put is still a good idea.

·        It’s easy…wait did I already say that?

What remained the same?  Oh my pet is dead/not summoned? Sorry, didn’t notice.

So far I’ve only done a few heroic dungeons and the results are reasonable.  In Forge of Souls I was doing roughly 3200-3400 dps with this spec while in SV I think I was doing something in the range of 3700-3900.  Still, these are just numbers and the point is to have fun, get some badges and possibly achievements, not to beat out other hunters or (shudder) those pesky arcane mages. 

I can’t speak for a MM hunter in end game gear but I found it does just as good if only slightly lower dps than SV in high-end heroic dungeons.  While the guild is not concerned about damage metres, I have mixed feelings about taking this spec into a Raid when I know SV will yield higher dps and, more importantly, I’m more comfortable with the shots and flow of that spec.  I tend to panic easily – even when my only job is to stand there and shoot.  However, it is good to step out of those comfort zones once in a while and what better way to learn how to play than in a high-pressure situation?  For now it's something new, easy to manage and looks like it will be a lot of fun for PvP.


  1. This is quite ironic... considering the blog that I'm writing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this...

    PS. I too like Chimera Shot.

  2. There is one good use for silencing shot. When you are dealing with having to dance around while taking down a boss, it gives you one more shot to use if things are on cooldown. It doesn't do much damage but some damage is better than no damage while running.

  3. Oh I certainly agree and I do use it regularly. :)

    (ps - thank you for stopping by!)