Thursday, February 4, 2010

Various Misc.

Things I've tried to start blog topics on but I got distr…cookies are done!


Gov: I got my fifth character to 80 – hooray!  Now to promptly ignore him! No-no, I'm going to try to make him my tank (yeah, right).   I did a basic frost spec and now all I have to do is actually step up to the pla – you know what, I'm not even going to say it.


PS – does anyone know how to DK tank?


Blogs: This post from Roguewind Rants made me smile.  I like when people love their class so much they stick it in your face and make you wear it like a hat (what?). 


Lore: I had to skip to the end of the "War of the Ancients" trilogy because I could not take Richard Knaak's writing any longer.    To save you the trouble – here are some spoilers:


The dragon aspects fall all over themselves because they are oh so old and dragony.  Illidan gets imprisoned "for ten thousand years".  A cool orc dies. Rhonin gets back to Varessa and zee babies. The Night Elves remain jerky.


Bored: I'm bored with people saying they are bored with WoW.   Is it fun to be challenged?  Of course!  Do you have to be challenged to have fun?  I hope not – because I don't think this is the game for you. There are loads of fun and funny things to do in the game! Level an alt and try not to be so concerned about the level of difficulty or the changes Blizzard has made.  Otherwise, please leave and we'll look forward to ignoring your same complaints the day after Cataclysm comes out.


(Wow – that was really saucy!  What I mean to say is: if you are bored and unhappy, why are you still playing?)


Class Roles: Everyone is important, mmkay?


  1. Thanks for the "War of the Ancients" summary. It was tedious to make it through the first couple of chapters. It's been shelved ever since.

    DK Tanking - Keep Death and Decay up and beat the crap out of things. Keep your Dark Command, Ice Shackle thingy, and Death Grip hotkeyed. Oh, and stay in Frost Presence. At least that's what I do when I try to tank stuff on my feller.

  2. Firstly, YAH FOR BLOG POST!!!

    2ndly, I don't know how to DK tank but I had this bookmarked for a rainy future day. You probably know all this but just in case not:

  3. heh - I haven't been cooking or thinking much lately. :D

  4. This might help for DK tanking, too. Lots of valuable info (maybe too much?).