Monday, November 30, 2009

The Horde & Cake: A Happy Marriage

PinkCakeBox makes the most fabulous looking cakes with realistic gumpaste flowers and whismical little fondant people. Just looking at their pictures fills me with sugary happiness! Today they feature a Warcraft themed Groom's cake, but this could easily be for a gamer-bride! It's a little Horde hut complete with an orc! Be sure to take a peek at all their gorgeous and dramatic cakes that anyone would be lucky to have at their event. I'm sure they are as tasty as they look, but how could you bring yourself to cut into them!?

For our wedding we gave the Groomsmen copies of the game and time cards (or maybe it was just time cards?). That was the only mention of World of Warcraft. The guys went down the aisle to a Mark Mothersbaugh jingle from Rushmore, I floated down the aisle to Moon River. The girls carried gorgeous bouquets of handcrafted paper flowers. My father married us in the most delightful, sweetest and touching ceremony ever. Then we went on to celebrate and ate pink wedding cake.

If I were planning our wedding now I would have my husband carry an Ogrimmar banner with his Groomsmen following behind beating drums, wearing Horde tabards (over suits). I would have walked down the aisle to Lady Sylvanas' haunting melody with rose petals following me! There would be penguins, pandas and pachyderms following us! My Dad would have dressed up as Thrall to give his Warchief Blessing! Then we would all dance, eat and kick gnomes hired for our special day!

The wedding cake would remain PINK.

Sigh! A girl can dream, can't she?

Sunday, November 29, 2009


I can't believe that this guy turned out to be my third 80!

Now I can go to bed.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I got the Pilgrim title last evening thanks to a very kind dwarf idling outside of the Dalaran bank. Also a /cheer to a kindly Draenei Shaman, Daresa, who shared the boat from Darnassus with me and passed food to me at the Exodar table – even though I was flagged and had to kill one of their guards. After murder, I build up an appetite that only can only be satisfied by eating cranberry sauce.

Favourite part of this holiday? My very own PIE CHAIR MINION. How I would love to have one of these in real life! The pie selection has something to be desired and pumpkin is not my favourite. WTB lemon pie chair!

As a quick follow up to yesterday’s post, we’re celebrating American Thanksgiving this year at the Propeller Brewery on Saturday! It’s one of our very tasty (okay favourite) local craft breweries! I’m particularly fond of their honey wheat beer and I think it will go well with the apple pie cookies I’m bringing (via Evil Shenanigans).

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WTB: One dwarf rogue!

It’s Thanksgiving in America as well as Azeroth. This week If you find yourself reading this blog from either of those locales I hope that you have an excellent holiday with your family . We celebrate American Thanksgiving with a dear friend of mine who moved to Canada a few years ago from Ohio. We all gather with delicious hot dishes and celebrate all that we are thankful for: our friends, family and a life rich with love. I have to say that I love to see a group of people gathering around cooking up a storm!

The first year I made the candied yams , a dish that is rare on Canadian Thanksgiving tables, and under close supervision I made the dish according to his instructions. This dish starts with sliced sweet potatoes. Okay, I’m down with that. Yum – sweet potatoes are delicious in curry as well in French fry form. Then you add a bottle of corn syrup. Not a cup, not a tablespoon, an entire bottle. Intrigued? Well you’ll love what comes next: a modest sprinkle of a ¼ cup of brown sugar! Just like Mom makes it! Actually, this was exactly like his mother makes it so I had to oblige.

You bake this confectionary for about an hour. The sweet potatoes soften and the sauce becomes thick and syrupy. Thanksgiving is surely complete once it is golden brown.

But wait. It’s not ready. There is yet another layer to make it a classic side dish. Just before you serve you sprinkle a layer of marshmallows on top and stick under the broiler until golden brown or just slightly scorched.

This dish tastes like you think it would. Awful. The mushy starch that tastes nothing of sweet potato with sickly sweet syrup and marshmallow that is so out of place. However, the look on my friend's face as he ate a forkful of it was priceless. Like he had gone home and relived all his happiest Thanksgiving memories in an instant. Or maybe he was going into a sugar coma.

Either way he loved it and I smiled politely while pushing mine to the side. I love my friend and his traditions, but you can’t put gravy on candied yams with good result and therefore, they are taking up valuable plate real estate which I could fill with a second scoop of mashed potatoes.

So happy (American) Thanksgiving and happy turkey hunting in Tirisfal Glades everyone! I just need to find one stinking dwarf rogue and preferably not while they are murdering the hell out of me in Wintergrasp!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Five Years!

Another WoW-iversary! Even though I have only been playing since 2007 World of Warcraft has been in my life since it’s release. At first it was a curiosity. I liked watching my boyfriend (now husband) play his Orc Shaman and I giggled every time his undead warrior hissed “Need more rage!”.

There was a short peroid where it became an annoyance mainly because I would have to wait to check my email :P

I’m not one to suffer in silence and a quick solution was to get me playing video games. We got a Game Cube and I got loads of enjoyment out of Zelda: Wind Waker and It’s a Wonderful Life (and it’s sequel, “It’s Another Wonderful Life”) where I literally farmed for hours and hours.

In February of 2007 I asked if I could make a character and was very excited when I found out you could wear DRESSES! I settled on a Female Draenei Preist and my very patient husband guided me through the first few levels chuckling as I talked to my character and the environment and freaking out if I saw another player. We could both see that I was enjoying myself so it was suggested that if I wanted to play with my husband and our friends I would have to roll Horde. I immediately went through the Hordes races and classes and chose my Tauren Hunter.

He’s still my favourite. To this day I still squeal with delight when I click on his character screen before logging in. Pacheco and I have been through a lot. Sometimes he is awesome and is up to his muscely tits in dps and other times he does stupid things like stand in stuff that kills him and keeps viper sting on through Patchwerk. I’ve given and taken away his pets, I’ve spent his gold on very frivolous items without too much thought and I’ve made him do all of the Silithus quests leading up AQ. Yet he still continues to delight me with his deep throaty chuckle and his Peanut Butter Jelly Time dance. Even with three fingers he is so deft with a gun and a bow only misses occasionally, bless him. And he occaisionally wears dresses :)

I’ve had a zeppelin load of fun immersed in Azeroth made even more enjoyable by spending it with my husband and our dear/amazing guild. Happy Five Years World of Warcraft! Let’s all have a big dance party with our Onyixan welps!

Thank you Blizzard!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Well Fed!

Either I'm a great cook or Manny has eaten all of the other pets in my stable because he is one well fed puppy!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Raid for the Cure!

What a fun event to bring servers and factions together! You can't go wrong with a sea of pink!

/cheer for Julie, our mothers, sisters, friends and loved ones all around!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Wrath-iversary! Let's Eat Cake!

One year ago today I sewed some pink sparkly "FTW" letters onto a toque. Donned my Horde t-shirt over my Coronation Street long sleeve shirt. Over top of my coat was my [4th] Doctor Who-esque scarf with some rainbow gloves to match.

Suitably clad in as much warm geek wear as I could find, my husband and I stood in a short line at the Future Shop for an hour or so waiting for 12:00am to get our hands on Wrath of the Lich King. We stood behind a girl dressed as either Lady Sylvanas or a basic night elf hunter. We didn't want to ask, but kudos to her for standing in the freezing cold with just some boots and a cape. (She got second place in the costume contest which got her to the front of the line and a copy of the Collector's Edition.)

When we got our game back home and after a long installation due to some computer memory issues I was in EPL with Gov doing a few of the DK starter quests. Nearing 1:30am I hopped over to Pacheco who was eagerly awaiting the boat to Northrend as well as getting XP for the first time in months. I was so tired, but knew that I couldn't sleep without peaking into Borean Tundra and seeing all the new animals I could skin. :)

Over the year I've only managed to get 2 level 80s and three others into Northrend, but the game is still fun for me. As a guild we have had an awesome time raiding, getting loads of achievements and just having a great time together - which is the most important part!

I think we should all gather in the Dalaran Inn tomorrow for cake and a bit of dancing! mmm cake!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

And now for a bit a gravy

Some days my kitchen is a bit like World of Warcraft. I could spend the whole day happily cooking, cleaning and organizing and feel like I’ve accomplished a lot. I’ll cook a fantastic meal and feel like it’s a true achievement. Ones like:

Over the years my kitchen armoury is also beginning to grow. It started out with [white] items like hand-me-down dishes, which I still use from time to time because I love them or glasses/cups procured through beer purchases (which I sort of hate). Things that will be replaced at some point but work for now.

Blue items I use almost everyday and are of very good quality. My Paderno pot and skillet, for example, are sure to last me a long time and I have been consistently good to me since they were purchased in 2004.

Then there are my epic pieces. These are the large ticket items that not only do amazing things to boost my cooking and baking skill but also look incredibly gorgeous. The red KitchenAid Mixer sat patiently in a box for three years before it found a home on our counter in the new apartment. I try to incorporate it into my weekend baking and cooking as much as possible. It mixes my batters, needs dough, whips icing and mashes potatoes! I love it so much and would encourage everyone to get one in his or her kitchen.

The Le Creuset French Oven is a recent aquisition that I had been lusting after for a while. This extraordinary pot is used everyday. Every. Day. I once wondered why anyone would pay that much for a pot. Now I want my entire kitchen decked out in Le Crueset cookware because of its high quality and gorgeous orange colour. From boiling water to roasting chickens, this beauty will not let you down.

There are loads of “dailies” involved too like dishes, cleaning and sweeping but let’s be honest – I don’t even do in-game dailies everyday. Sometimes you just have log off (or take a nap).

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Guild Website!

Hey - I made a guild website! I don't know quite what I'm doing yet or what will become of it. But it might be fun for a while!

I'll post an ingame code so you can all join! Crossing my fingers that it will work!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Is it Christmas? /rubs eyes

I woke up to a snow covered Halifax today. (grr)

Sleepily and automatically I was in front of the computer to check email when I saw the most wonderful message - an in-game item had been purchased for me! What a wonderful husband I have!

This will make clearing Naxx all the more delightful :)

Now I have to go over to the WoWLadies LJ to Squee-Squee-Squee all the way home!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ugh, a PuG

Just because I play a game with 40 Million people doesn't mean I want to meet everyone of them!
You get Perky Pug by doing random dungeons with random groups. I hope that you can also get it just by doing the random dungeons :)

It is pretty cute it worth the pain and suffering of being with four strangers who may or may not know the dungeon or their class? Or worse, know your class more than you?

In other patch news, Tranquility is getting a shortened cool down to 8 mins (from 10 min). This makes me happy! It's a favourite spell of mine - a chorus of pixies sings their haunting healing song and the air sparkles! It's pretty much my life in a nutshell.

Can I get a blog-roll please!!

I have to give a /shoutout to my wonderful friends and guildmates at The Wayward Initiative . Chawakanda is a fellow Tauren Hunter so you know the girl’s got style! Plus she is a wicked player, achiever, PvP Queen and all around the kindess person you can meet (unless you are a gnome – those hooves are made for kicking and Kill Shot'ting your ass dead). DarthRegis, a founding father of The Zug Initiative is a long time friend and in the land of Best Men - he reigns as King,

I always welcome another blog to read and comment on while at work, because let’s be honest, I don’t have time in the evenings! That's for cooking and playing WoW and thinking about chores!

Welcome guys!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sarth + 1!

When an achievement really feels like an achievement.... :)

This fight has a lot going on, one of them being that it is impossible to see what is going on - and that was only DPS.

stupid flame wall!