Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We'll be right back after these messages...

I am looking forward to delving into all that Patch 3.2.2. has to offer, but I’m currently watching True Blood and until I finish season 2 there is nothing happening in our house. Seriously this is an awesome show and I’m not saying that because of the hot vampires being their sexy selves, but I’m not not saying that. Okay, I am saying that.

I haven’t even read the patch notes or looked at the Onyxia encounter. I did try to do some Brewfest stuff, but I got a little confused…I’m just a girl you know.

I did the fishing daily that you have to do in Wintergrasp over the weekend. Even though I was barely in WG, there was no one around and it was 6:00am server with an hour until the next battle, I have never been so tense while fishing.


  1. We've been distracted at our house with Grey's Anatomy.
    I have to go out and buy Season 5 soon. Meep.

    Then we have to watch Battlestar Galactica. I went nuts and bought the whole series. The super edition with the Cylon toy. *snort*

  2. BTW: Where the hell are Yoji and Rallick? We've got to get ourselves back into raiding.

    I suggest another Naxx clear and then move onto Ulduar.

  3. WG Fishing Tip - put your pet on agressive. He will instantly attack any pesky Alliance that might be sneaking their way to disturb your fishing.

    Brewfest Rams are uber fuzzy adorable! I WANT one. I also like the wolpetinger brewfest pet! He's wierd cute!

    Since our week nights have been busy and I haven't seen you online, blog updates are very nice to see! /wave!